Blitzkrieg German Army Showcase

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January 29, 2021 by Lee

During the 1st Lockdown back in March 2020 due to COVID-19, we had decided to finish off our British Expeditionary Force by adding in some extra figures and vehicles. Videos of the BEF Showcase and the reinforcements can be found on the links to our YouTube channel below.

B.E.F Army Showcase

B.E.F Army Reinforcements

With the British Expeditionary Force now finished off to play either Chain of Command (my preferred rules system) or Bolt Action, thoughts turned to another project. We were all hoping at this stage listening to the media that hopefully by Christmas the UK would be able to enjoy some sort of normality if we all followed the lockdown advice. The Toofatlardies had just released Infamy Infamy and after preordering it we made a decision to put on a largish game of Infamy Infamy for our groups Annual Christmas game. A short unboxing and review of the Toofatlardies Infamy Infamy can be found on the link below.
Toofatlardies: Infamy Infamy

Well, we came up with a scenario that would allow 4 players to each have their own force to command and play the game over two 6×4 tables with a Roman fort dividing the tables. While we were beginning build and paint the forces we were learning the rules. It wasn’t that long into learning the rules and playing a few test games that it became clear that we had bit off more than we could chew for our Christmas game. Why do I say that? Well, firstly we would be teaching the rules on the day of the game to three players who had not played the game before. Secondly, the Infamy Infamy rules are a very fun set of rules to play, but, it has so many nuances within them that trying to teach them at the same time as teaching the game would detract from what our Christmas games are all about.

Time was now pushing on, we were at the end of August when we made the decision to halt the Infamy Infamy project and go back to it at a later date. So, what do we do for our Christmas game, well this is where I made the suggestion that why don’t we build a Blitzkrieg German force to play against our recently finished B.E.F. What rules to use was simple, it had to be Chain of Command, why? Well, I had the idea that we could play the counter attack at Arras May 1940.

I decided that I would write my own small Pint Size Campaign for this game and that we would need two days in order to play it. This time frame would allow all of us to enjoy each aspect of the game and at the same have fun playing it. At the same time as writing the campaign, we all got together to organise, research, build and paint the German force. The German force for the campaign was centred around 7th Panzer Division (Rommels Ghost Division) in France May 1940.

What follows below is the Showcase of that German force we put together, along with some recent editions added in. Unfortunately due to the COVID restrictions at Christmas we were unable to play our campaign or to meet up for a game. So, this project although complete for now has been shelved for better times hopefully to come in 2021.

The video below is the final showcase of the Blitzkrieg Germans, but if you would like to know how we painted them, then please watch the whole playlist on our YouTube channel.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this post / watching our videos and as ever, please feel free to follow our blog and  Youtube Channel,  like, share and comment and as always, happy wargaming

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