Toofatlardies: Infamy Infamy


July 16, 2020 by Lee

Now and again there comes along a project that really captures the imagination. It just so happens that one of those projects has just been released.

Back last year, I was listening to one of Toofatlardies oddcasts and Richard mentioned that he was looking into the possibility of producing a set of large skirmish rules for the ancient period, mainly for late Republican to Early Imperial Rome.

The ancient period has always been something I wanted to dabble in, but I’ve never found a system or had the time to build large armies. In recent times we have seen many skirmish rules on the market for the period and I have tried a few, SPQR and Clash of Spears. Both of these sets of rules were not to my taste, but they may well suit others play style.

As time went along and Richard of Toofatlardies was posting updates to the development on the rules on their Facebook and Forum, the more I was getting excited to see some playtest videos via Lard TV and articles on Lard Island.

and then COVID-19 hit and lockdown happened !!!

Shows were cancelled worldwide, most notably for us, Salute (okay to the organisers, they declared it postponed for a year, in other words, cancelled!). With Salute being cancelled (oh, postponed 😉), this meant no opportunity to play test the rules on Toofatlardies stand. This also meant that a wargaming holiday competition I had won in Bournemouth was also postponed. I was hoping to meet up with Richard and other notables of the wargaming community and have a chat about the progress of his new game. But alas, I would now have to wait like every one else.

During the lockdown period, Richard of Toofatlardies did some live chats via YouTube discussing the rules and the issues they would have with printing and distribution with lockdown in place. Also, no one really knew how long total lockdown would remain in place. Richard also did a series of videos describing each of the core armies that would be available in the rules book so people could start on their building. As you can imagine, the excitement for this project not only on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media outlets was immense and Richard made the decision, that no matter what happened with lockdown, a pdf version would be available with a print copy to follow. As luck would have it, lockdown was beginning to ease which meant the printers could print the books and cards, and Warbases could produce the tokens.

A date was set for launch and pre orders began…..

I was online at the exact moment it went live to order my ‘All In’ bundle. During this time, Mel and I had ordered some Victrix figures from Entoyment in Poole.

and so it begins……..

What follows below is a video of the products which came in the all in bundle except obviously the PDF copy if the rule book. Also in the video is a shout out to a few of our friends and members of the Devon Wargames Club.

We hope you enjoyed the video and the figures. Please feel free to like and comment, feedback is always most welcome.

We hope you have enjoyed this post and as ever, please feel free to follow our blog and YouTube channel, also like, share and comment and as always, happy wargaming.

One thought on “Toofatlardies: Infamy Infamy

  1. […] With the British Expeditionary Force now finished off to play either Chain of Command (my preferred rules system) or Bolt Action, thoughts turned to another project. We were all hoping at this stage listening to the media that hopefully by Christmas the UK would be able to enjoy some sort of normality if we all followed the lockdown advice. The Toofatlardies had just released Infamy Infamy and after preordering it we made a decision to put on. Largish game of Infamy Infamy for our groups Annual Christmas game. A short unboxing and review of the Toofatlardies Infamy Infamy can be found on the link below. Toofatlardies: Infamy Infamy […]


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