Sylvaneth Army Showcase

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June 20, 2020 by Mel

Time is flying by quickly again this year. The whole world has gone crazy with Coronavirus which has caused us all to live very differently to normal.  For those outside of this hobby that may be taking up a one walk per day exercise regime or trying to keep the family amused whilst being in lockdown.  For those of us in this hobby it has given us very different opportunities.

So, during this lockdown time it has meant that we haven’t been able to spend quite as much money of new shiny models. Whilst this may have been quite restrictive, it has meant that we have no justification for not diving into that old plastic / metal mountain we all have hidden somewhere. This is where we are….. trying to sort through half finished projects and dig out things long forgotten.

One project I have been working on finishing is my Sylvaneth Army for Age of Sigmar. I had spent quite some time trying to decide a colour palette matching which season I wanted to focus on. It was a choice between Autumn or Winter. What a tough choice….. Finally I decide on an Autumn theme and got to work.


I also wanted to see what could actually be done with a mainly contrast paint palette. I have seen lots of comments on good and bad feedback on what people think of Contrast paints and to be honest, it really depends what you want to paint as to whether contrast paints are the right choice. The fabulous colours on a woodland Army worked fantastic. I am really pleased with the results.

After painting the army, basing was the next challenge.  I used some rock formations from some broken stones we have. The base covering was the Forest Ground Cover by Luke’s APs. This product is absolutely amazing and a singer bag goes a long way. Added to this, I included some flower tufts and grass tufts from the Gamers Grass range. These I bought through Bow and Blade.


Please take a look through the YouTube video to see the Army Showcase. I hope you enjoy.

And so there we have it, I hope you enjoyed the video and the figures. Please feel free to like and comment, feedback is always most welcome. 

We hope you have enjoyed this post and as ever, please feel free to follow our blog and YouTube channel, also like, share and comment and as always, happy hobbying.

Finally, Please stay safe and well…. And happy Wargaming 

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