28mm English Civil War Game AAR


May 18, 2020 by Lee

Its been a busy time here at the BattleBunker, as we all have been beavering away in our spare time on different projects. More on those in future posts…

I had the idea as V.E Day was fast approaching, I thought in celebration that we would play a Chain of Command game. I thought that we could play the action based on Operation Varsity with the 6th Airborne tasked with seizing the high ground of the Diersfort Wood overlooking the Rhine, as that was to be crossed by 21st Army Group.

Despite this pandemic and work being full on, my plans for the Chain of Command game was proceeding at good pace, until, a few days before V.E Day I had a day off from work.

It was two days before V.E Day, it was a bright sunny morning and the birds in fine spring song. Today was the day that I decided to set the table with terrain and sort out the figures required for the game. After going through the many boxes we have for terrain, trying to be very particular picking the right looking buildings and landscape terrain features we’ve got (based on maps and photographs I had in books). This terrain was all put to one side and next up was sorting out the figures. Now, I should have said earlier that if I was going to use Battlegroup or Rapid Fire rules, then I would have used my 20mm collections. But, as I wanted the feel of the action to be zoomed in, I decided that we would play the game in 28mm.

So, while going through the various boxes of WW2 miniatures, I came across a box of our ECW miniatures which was not with the rest of boxes for those miniatures. I took them into the Bunker and made a cup of tea. While drinking the tea, I took each unit out of the box in turn and had a good look at them. The cogs were turning, again, “when was the last time we played ECW”, I thought. Looking at the figures and drinking my brew, it suddenly dawned on me that it was back in 2016 when Mel finished painting Jamie’s Covenanter force led by Lord Leven.

Mel joined me in the Bunker, where she saw the ECW figures on the table and took one look at me and said “we’re playing ECW on Friday, aren’t we?”. “Well”, I said. “We’ve played a lot of WW2 recently and I thought this might make a refreshing change”.

We both then proceeded to put away the terrain I’d sorted out for the WW2 game and got the rest of the ECW miniatures out to see what we could do. As it was only two days away until we played, their was no time to sort an historical battle. So, the idea that I’d come up with was to base our game around 1648 where the Army of the Northern Association along with the New Model Army, marches north to engage a combined Scottish force under lord Leven. This would make our game partly historical as in 1648 that did happen, although some of the commanders would have been different to the ones we were using.

IMG_E1952 (5)

Once the table was all setup, I decided that I would do a short army review video and post it to our YouTube channel. Well, I was totally overwhelmed by the response to people asking if I could film a battle report of our game. So, after giving it some consideration, I decided to film an After Action Report of each turn, breaking down the iconic moments of the turn.

We hope you enjoy this short video, no spoilers given here……


We hope you have enjoyed this post and as ever, please feel free to follow our Blog and YouTube channel, also like, share and comment and as always may the dice gods be kind to you.

Please stay safe and wellโ€ฆ.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

4 thoughts on “28mm English Civil War Game AAR

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent battle report mate well done


  2. mezzersminis says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the battle report guys, looking forward to the next one!


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