Taking Our Pelennor Fields game to Devon Wargames Group


March 15, 2020 by Lee

Who’d of thought back at Christmas we would be introducing our games and our gaming style to a well-established gaming group. We certainly didn’t. We didn’t want to break any club rules or push or luck with the types of games we play and so we approached JJ (Devon Wargames club president) and Jason (Devon Wargames Vice President) to see if something other than historical was allowable at the club.

We definitely didn’t expect club members to instantly fill the available slots for our game. But that was exactly what happened. Firstly we had Vince (Devon Wargames club Treasurer) who immediately laid claim to playing the Mumak, this followed by others wanting a place in the game.

Below is a battle report of the action of the day. Some of it may be out of sequence as so much happened in the battle it was difficult to keep track but hopefully you get the idea of what happened.


We arrived at the hall really early, in fact so early it wasn’t open…no one can say we were late !! One of the hall organisers opened up for us so we were able to start setting up the game before the players arrived. We were lucky that our folding gaming table (ordered from gamemat.eu) had arrived only the day before and so it made for a easy surface on which to play. We had already prepared the figures into the movement trays to help speed up the set up process. And so, everything ready to go by 10:15am.

The first task was to decipher who was playing which side using random counters out of the bag. For the Forces of Good we had Nathan playing Theoden’s Royal Guard and Eowyn’s Earrods, next we had JJ (who apparently never plays fantasy 😊) controlling the Court of the Dead and The Three Hunters, and finally Neil (who really wanted to play on the side of Evil) managing Eomer and Erkenbrand Earrods. For the Forces of Evil we have, of course, Vince playing the Mumak and a small contingent of Mordor Orcs, David with 2 units of Mordor Orcs and a Troll, Christopher had 2 units of Mordor Orcs and a Siege Bow and Jason had 2 units of Morannon Orcs and a Troll.


The game starts with the Forces of Good having priority in the first turn. Both sides rolled for battle rating reductions (this represents the action that is taking place inside Minis Tirith). Both sides rolled the same and then Jason rolled to see what the Witch King would do and got to roll on the Spell table which failed spectacularly. Both sides started their advance although the Orcs started slower having some rolled on the behaviour table and not being able to charge. Neil took advantage of this with an early charge with Erkenbrand causing first blood on the enemy. Being Erkenbrand had charge the Troll and the Morannon Orcs, he also took some punishment and the fight was a stalemate.


This is the photo evidence after JJ (the gentleman on the right) made the statement “they wont believe I’m playing fantasy”



This picture is dedicated to Jason, who believes I have a fixation with walls and yes I stayed behind it all day 


Moving on to turn 2 and the Forces of Evil gained priority, gaining a special rule for the turn which turned out to be Raza and was of no use as the Mumak had not yet arrived. The battle rating was rolled and surprisingly the Forces of Evil were taking the lead. The Witch King only flew around the battlefield surveying potential targets but not actually doing anything.

The Court of the Dead and three hunters had now arrived giving the Mordor Orcs a possible target. After both sides fired as much as they could, both sides had better opportunities to charge at the enemy in front of them.

Many successful charges ensued apart from Aragorn who was suddenly displaying a cowardly side having failed his charge roll. More casualties of war from this turn saw many orcs drop including one Troll by some lucky shooting from Nathan. Being that the Forces of Evil had priority that turn, they were able to see if those units lost that turn could return as reinforcements. The Troll and one unit of bows returned to the fight. The Rohan had suffered along with the Court of the Dead having been subjected to many amazing dice rolls.




The start of turn 3 and the battle ratings still remained with the Evil in the lead and the Good side had priority.

The Witch King made a swooping attack but only managed to throw around a few dead horses. The Mumak finally arrive with a slow start, only managing to move 6”. This turn saw a lot of casualties caused by both shooting and close combat. David unfortunately lost the Troll again but could not bring it back as the Evil didn’t have priority.

One of Eomers and Theodens units combined their attack and wiped out one of the Mordor Orc units. The Court of the Dead and the Mordor Orcs continued the scrap and surprisingly both lost many figures from exceptional dice rolling. The Three Hunters (controlled by JJ, he was enjoying the game really) rolled again to charge into a small unit of Orc Bows but again failed the charge, not so brave now are you Aragorn !!



Moving to Turn 4, and again Good rolled for priority. The battle rating was rolled and both sides rolled incredibly high. The Witch King attempted another spell but failed dismally. This caused the battle rating to drop enough for the arrival of Prince Imrahil and the Knights of Dol Amroth to charge out of the castle gates and join the fight. Jamie was controlling the actions of these notorious heroes.

Erkenbrand seemed to be struggling with recovery from disorder but scrapped a recovery in order to charge again into the fight. Eomer saw an opportunity to charge into the slow moving Mumak however an unusually quick thinking Troll (controlled by Jason) managed to cut him off before the charge succeeded.

The Three Hunters gathered their wits and finally sharpened their swords and charged headlong into the small unit of bowmen who didn’t really stand a chance. That same bow unit was also charge by the Knights of Dol Amroth as back up due to the reluctance of the Three Hunters to perform their duties so far in the battle. The Mumak was finally within range for the Haradrim to shoot at the Dol Amroth causing the untimely death of a Knight. Many more casualties were taken on both sides and the battlefield was beginning to thin out.


From the left of the picture we have – Nathan, Neil, Jason, Christopher, Vince, Mel, JJ, David 




Turn 5 was the crescendo of the battle. Yet again the Good retained priority and the Battle rating rolled and became an equal outcome. The Witch King finally entered the fray with a swooping attacking which caused the Rohirrim to lose 2 cavalry. The Mumak made an unstoppable charge towards the Dol Amroth and was met by The Three Hunters who had suddenly found their qualities. As amazing as they are, they didn’t fair well under the immense hoof of the Mumak who to be frank, squished them to the ground. Being that the Three Hunters fight simultaneously as monsters, they were able to get some damage in before their demise.

The centre of the battlefield had turned 90 degrees with the Rohirrim attempting to drive the remaining Orcs from the battlefield. Again the clash of lances, spears and swords against Orc hand weapons saw many a good (or evil) man (or Orc) perish. The Knights of Dol Amroth also caused casualties to the Mumak in this turn. Detecting this really was the end of the game, the final action was to see if the Haradrim would lose control of the Mumak and it stampede across the battlefield. So (fingers crossed) the outcome saw the Mumak stampede along the direction of the battleline of both Rohan and Morannon / Mordor Orcs. Many more casualties were lost in this action and the Mumak stampeded off the table into the sunset.


The last stand of the Three Hunters facing off against the Mumak


The decimated ranks after the Mumak stampedes across the table

Considering the end result and forces that were left, we deemed it a minor Rohan victory led of course by Theoden (Nathan) the King.

If you have enjoyed this post and would like to see a bigger version of this game that we done for Christmas 2019, then please click HERE….

Once again, we would like to thank Devon Wargames Group for making us feel welcome and we look forward to meeting up with you all soon. Here are the links to DWG Blog and to JJ Wargames Blog, both of which are excellent.

We hope you have enjoyed this post and as ever, please feel free to follow our blog and YouTube channel, also like, share and comment and as always may the dice gods be kind to you.

10 thoughts on “Taking Our Pelennor Fields game to Devon Wargames Group

  1. Vince says:


    Nice to see you Mel & Jamie yesterday. I thought the game played really well and the light umpiring style suited our members. As you can see, we our an eclectic bunch, but hopefully fall into the friendly category of wargamers.

    The figures and terrain for the game were superb and all painted to a very high standard (note to self – don’t let any of my figures on the same table as Mel’s, as they won’t stand comparison !).

    Glad to see you all joined the club and hope you make use of your memberships again soon.


    P.S We won’t let JJ forget that he played a fantasy game any time soon. Not least as we have photographic evidence.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee says:

      Thanks Vince, we all really enjoyed the day and are looking forward to coming back again. Mel and I were talking today about what might be the next game we put on.

      We are glad you all seemed to enjoy yourselves.

      Do you guys ever do group projects ?


      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Lee,

        We do a group game at Christmas, where everyone plays one scenario together and we pool our figures,

        Some of us also pick a battle and combine to paint the requisite figures over an extended period. This can allow some of our slower painters (me for instance), to contribute to the forces without having to paint a vast army.


        Liked by 1 person

  2. Jason Ralls says:

    Lee, Mel and Jamie,

    Thank you for putting on a cracking game yesterday. It was a really good first game to put on at the club and was a visual spectacle. The figures were stunning and the majority of the umpiring was fair and balanced(yes Lee, I am looking at you!). 🙂

    The game was well balanced and I thoroughly enjoyed getting ridden down by hordes of smelly Rohirrim. Top class folks, thank you again.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee says:

      Thanks Jason, you guys were all very welcoming on our first visit that we thought we would like to show you all the style in how we like to play our games. 😁

      We were only talking this afternoon that I think we’ve set the bar to high 😂 it’s only down hill from now on mate 😂😁👍


  3. Barry Hilton says:

    Well done Team! Bringing a little sunshine into our gloom laden media induced health armageddon. Great to see people.. geddon on with it!
    Great game and plenty of enthusiastic players.Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee says:

      Hi Barry

      I couldn’t agree with you more, it’s a case of keep calm and enjoy life.

      Thanks for the kind words mate, it was truly a great day and a pleasure to show others a piece of what and how we like to game 👍😁


  4. Very, very impressive. Where is the castle from? It’s huge. Just watched a few of your YouTube’s too. Great stuff

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee says:

      Thanks mate, glad you liked this post and our YouTube videos.

      The castle was the old Warhammer Fantasy Castle Games Workshop done for the old WHFB 6th edition, in the game we left out 1 wall section to allow us to use the rocks.

      Liked by 1 person

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