Brush Strokes February 2020….

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February 23, 2020 by Mel

Hi All,

It seems an absolute age since I last updated the Brush Strokes posts. To be honest, I’ve just got stuck into getting this years plans prepped with Lee and Jamie and getting this years painting started.

You will have seen throughout the posts, the stuff from last year. Much of the year was focused on Christmas and the huge Pelannor Fields game. If you haven’t seen it then it’s definitely worth a look. The two posts were the game set up and the game itself. I absolutely loved painting the Rohirrim Cavalry and the Dol Amroth Cavalry.

Last year I kept a tally of the number of figures I painted. The reason being is it always feels as though you paint throughout the year and really don’t even make a dent in the pile of grey plastic, pewter and resin. I have never kept a track before and wanted to see what was possible. And the end result was…….. a massive 906 figures in one year. And guess what… still doesn’t seem to have made a dent !!

So what about this year, well it has certainly got off to a good start. We have been planning the projects for this year and oh boy, we certainly have a lot of work ahead to meet our own, near impossible, challenges. So roll up the sleeves, cue the music and head to the painting table.

My first project of the year was to get Jamie’s Team Yankee Soviet force completed. This is now nearly done with just a bit of basing to do on the infantry bases and some new vehicles he has bought to add to the force.







Next up is Lee’s Gloomspite Gits. I have started these and am gradually working my way through. I am keeping the colour scheme pretty much as the box art where possible but of course, changing where necessary. The basing is not yet done on these as I want to base the whole army once I have finished painting them.






For my own project, I am determined to complete my Sylvaneth Army. I have done quite a bit to this but want to save the majority of pictures for an Army showcase post soon however just a couple of picture to keep us going. The basing on these is using the Forest Ground Cover from Geek Gaming and Tufts and Flowers from Gamers Grass (Thanks to Bow and Blade Games)





So what’s next for me on the paint table :-

  • Finish the Soviet Team Yankee Force
  • Finish the Gloomspite Gits
  • Finish the Sylvaneth
  • Make a start on Flames of War Desert
  • Paint up our start of our Saga Armies using V&V Miniatures (and plan to purchase the rest of the Warbands at Salute πŸ™‚ )

I guess that means a very busy March. I promise to do another update during March to see how things are going.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and as always feel free to like, comment and subscribe to our various platforms. Until the next time, happy hobbies.

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