Hobby Update – January 2020

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February 1, 2020 by Lee

Following on from my last hobby update post, you may recall in the video that I spoke about some Wargames Foundry Congo miniatures.

These Miniatures were painted up around 3 years ago for us by Shaun from Little Ninja Painting. The one thing that I said to Shaun was not to base them as I wasn’t sure how I wanted them to look. So once we received the figures back, I put them to one side and I totally forgot about them…..Oops….

So, after our last post, we had many comments with feedback on the video. One of these messages was why didn’t I get these finished as part of the winter warmer challenge. The problem with that was, the challenge finished on the 31st of January and I only had a week to finish them and Working nights, this was going to be rushed. I spoke to Mel about it and she agreed that we should do a relay in getting them finished.

So, while I was at work, Mel would do some work on them and once I’d had some sleep during the day, I would take over and continue the work. It was touch and go all week and it didn’t help with running out of tufts and had to place an order. I came across Bow and Blade Games, who had the Gamers Grass light green tufts in stock. Mel spoke to Chris, the owner and explained out predicament and Chris couldn’t have been more helpful. With the order placed, we were in the hands of the UK postal service…….

I’m pleased to say, the tufts arrived quickly and we had completed the challenge on the 31st January, on time….just…. Although I varnished them, I was concerned how they were going to turn out due to the damp / wet conditions we had.

Below is two videos, where you will see the figures at the varying stages of the project and I briefly talk about materials used.  I really can’t wait to get these on the table now and try out the Congo rules…..




We hope you have enjoyed this post and the videos.

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Until next time, happy gaming.

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