WWS Pro Grass Micro Static Grass Applicator

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January 2, 2020 by Lee

Happy New Year to you all………

This blog post came about more by accident, but after using the product I thought a short review / thoughts wouldn’t go a miss.

How did we come by this product?Β 

Well, if you have been following our blog through 2019 then you will have seen from time to time that we talked about our Christmas game Pelennor fields. Richard and the boys were busy painting their models for the game and Mel was doing the same for our part.

I don’t know about you, but 2019 seemed to fly by in a flash, one minute it was the 1st of January and the next its the 1st of December. Where did the time go? who knows…… A sign of getting older I think….. 😁

Back on topic, Mel had cracked on with painting the figures and as you can imagine there would be combined well over 750 figures on the table. With all this in mind we decided to use our Flockbox which we have had for some time now. This we thought would speed up the basing using static grass. Now as I said, time was creeping on and its now the week before Christmas when I turned to Mel and said “So what flock or static grass are we using?”…. To her reply “I thought you had sorted that out!”. 🀭 Well as you can imagine I felt the world open and swallow me.

We quickly reached for the tablet and opened up Amazon, after all we needed the product quick and Amazon Prime was the answer. We decided on Early Spring Static Grass from WWS and made the purchase. In true Amazon fashion it promptly arrived the next day, but there was yet another issue, the three of us had come down with a sickness bug which totally zapped us for a few days. This meant it was the Sunday before Christmas less than a week away from the big game that we started to flock the figures.

Mel and I sat out in the wargames room and started to plod along getting a few figures and movement trays completed, until, yep you guessed it, the Flockbox decided to have a moment and give up on us. This we said just can’t be happening, the dice gods are against us this week.

Mel, still having Jamies Knights of Dol Amroth to finish and I had to sort the wargames room in order to set up the game, (after all, Mel knows what I’m like, I’m always messing with the table getting the way I want it to look for a particular game, even after I’ve set it up. Even on the day of the game, I was still fiddling about with it)……😊

So, with only a few figures based we had to make a decision. Do we continue and do it manually? Β It wouldn’t have the same effect, or do we chance Amazon again knowing how near to Christmas it was? πŸ€”

We decided on the latter and again searched through the available products that was on Prime. The only item that was available on Prime was from WWS and it was the Pro Grass Micro Static Grass Applicator. We had no choice and made the purchase, knowing that it was cutting it fine not only to Christmas, but to the day of the game.

The Applicator arrived early on the Monday evening and by then we were too tired and drained, still feeling the effects of the sickness bug we had, that we decided to leave it and have Christmas and get round to finishing the bases on the Friday before the Game Saturday.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day went by in a flash, but was a great couple of days just relaxing and enjoying the festivities, but knowing there was still quite a bit of work left to do. So, early Boxing Day morning I woke sharply and decided that all the flocking had to be done that day. So with that, I left Mel and Jamie sound asleep 😴 and went out to the Wargames room, put on the Lord of the Rings music cds and started the laborious job of flocking all of our Lord of the Rings figures for the game. I started at around 8am and finished at 16:30 in the afternoon only stopping for lunch and the rest as they say is now history.

So, what about the applicator?
The static grass applicator is very good, a solid product that can have many uses, these are the words from their website about the product…

WWS Pro Grass Applicator is a tool that applies the static grass to your glue. It charges the grass which enables it to stand up and create the effect of grass. Using our Static Grass Basing Glue you lay the 2mm Basing Grass onto you board.

There are other techniques you can use, like multi layering using our Static Grass Layer Spray and our 4mm Detailing Grass and 6mm Detailing Grass and 10mm Finishing Grass and 12mm finishing Grass.

Below I have done a short video from my experience of using the applicator which I hope you will find useful. I will certainly be looking to purchase their version of the flockbox to compliment this applicator in the future.


We hope that you have enjoyed this post, then why not follow us in our hobby. Please feel free to like, follow and comment on here and our YouTube Channel. And until next time, happy gaming. πŸ˜πŸ‘

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