Pelannor Fields- The 2019 Christmas Game setup


December 28, 2019 by Mel

Oh my goodness, has this year flown by. It seems only a few weeks ago that we had finished last years Christmas games and were discussing what we were going to do for this year. As we have previously said, we decided quite early on that it would be Pelannor Fields using the War of the Ring rules by Games Workshop. We were all really impressed by the Pelannor Fields boxed game and so it was a great excuse to get the figures painted and on the table.

As usual, the year started and months flew by before we new it. We had a few other early projects on but I was super conscious of not leaving the Christmas game until the 11th hour as normal. And so it got to about May and I started on the Rohirrim Cavalry. I really wanted to do a good job on the horses as I have struggled with them in the past. Now having got used to airbrushing, horses were a new challenge to get right. I was pleased with the results and created a vlog on how I painted them.



With most of the Rohirrim completed I continued into the Characters. I followed picture reference for most of them but really wanted to do a good job on Theoden. I really liked the youtube video by Zorpazorp on his painting and so followed this.

IMG_0498 (Edited)

IMG_0508 (Edited)

IMG_0512 (Edited)

IMG_0515 (Edited)

Whilst I was painting, so were the Downing crew. They had also bought copies of the box game and were creating their masterpieces. With regular pictures sent back and forth we could all keep up with each others progress.

Well, you know how it goes, other projects creep in and before I knew it September was upon us and off we went to America on our Battlefield touring holiday. Take a look at our other blog posts for a daily review of the holiday…..anyway, I digress !! Much as I absolutely loved the holiday, it was a little devil in the back of my mind saying ‘you should be getting the painting done… it’ll be last minute again !’. And so on return it was back to the painting table and so cue the music, and on with the work. From here on in it was painting every night, with very few exceptions.

The Army of the Dead came next. Ok, so I cheated here………Contrast paints !! Well, why not ? It did make them very easy and some models do lend themselves to easy painting methods. Whilst I like the Contrast Paints, they are not my first port of call. I much prefer layering using normal paints. Having done a few painting courses now, nothing really is a short cut if you want a good paint job done. I’ll put a couple of links at the end of the post of the painting courses if you’re interested.


Whilst I was getting the painting done, Lee and Jamie were working on the rules. War of the Ring is a fantastic game however, we wanted to make sure it was condensed for a manageable game as we enjoy. The 50 pages of rules ended up as a very good 13 pages. We enjoy narrative play and do not play tournament games at all. With this in mind, we try and play games as cooperatively as possible. For this game, three of us will be controlling the Forces of Evil using a behaviour table rather than playing them as normal. This means limited control as the table results denote what the Evil side will do………uuummmm interesting πŸ™‚ The other four players will be trying to defeat the Forces of Evil through controlled (ok, loose term as our games go….) play.

Back to the painting……Whilst on the use of Contrast paints, the Mordor and Morannon Orcs and Trolls were next. Again, speed was critical due to how many were to be done and I’m ashamed to say contrast came to the rescue, well at least for the base layers. I still finished the models with highlighting and drybrushing as normal and have to say the models have come out ok.



One of the highlights to this project for me was to be the Mumaks. Wow, what fabulous models. I had decided to get one normal one and one with the Forgeworld War leader upgrade kit. These models are truly amazing with such detail. They were the perfect candidate for my new Series D brushes from Artis Opus. The skin texture on the Mumak was ideal for drybrushing and they came out wonderfully. Once complete, on to the Haradrim warband on the Mumaks and they would be ready for the table.



We had seen on one of the Zorpazorp Youtube videos about scatter terrain for the game based on the Mumak bases. I absolutely agree with Zorpazorp that copying of products is a definate no no however, like him, I wasn’t looking to buy several Mumaks just to fill the ground with dead figures. It goes without saying that we have no intention of selling the scatter terrain, it is purely for our own Lord of the Rings games. After some relevant Amazon purchases, the scatter terrain was created…… can’t tell you how……. but it looks great πŸ˜‰

Well, you can’t have Pelannor Fields without a castle. It was going to be an impossibility for us to build Minis Tirith so we went for the next best thing….. the old Warhammer Castle. Wow, this model is seriously quite old and to be honest has been up in the loft for many years unbuilt and unpainted ! Finally we have a use for it. After a quick discussion with Richard we discovered he also had one and so both of us got them built and painted ready for the game.


So 22nd December had arrived and most of the figures had been painted, texture base done and ready for flocking. Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be one of our Christmas games without some kind of trauma (not included the fact that neither Lee nor I had ordered any static grass….. back on to Amazon and thank goodness for Amazon Prime!!). Lee and I sat at the table, covered it with newspaper and started the process of applying Static Grass…………. and then the Flock Box gave up. Really, no joke !! and so back on to Amazon Prime………….. new one to arrive next day πŸ™‚

Throughout the year, I had one final determination and that was to complete the Dol Amroth cavalry for Jamie. He had been very patient throughout and kept saying to leave them to last just in case we ran out of time. But, that only spurred me on to make sure they were done. And so, 23rd December and Prince Imrahil was the final figure to be painted.


Christmas Eve saw the end of me painting the scatter terrain pieces and we were ready to get the flocking done and get the table set up. Aaaahhhhh, Christmas Day and a day off :-). But no rest for the wicked and Boxing Day saw Lee getting the remaining flocking done. The afternoon, had all three of us setting up the tables ready for the game on Saturday. And here we are, ready to start……….. We have created a set up video which we hope you enjoy watching. We will follow up after the game with some in game video and some of those inevitable classic moments………….

For now, I hope you have enjoyed this post and enjoy follow us in our hobby. Please feel free to like, follow and comment.Β  And until next time, happy gaming.

Links to Painting classes I have attended and highly recommend as mentioned earlier

Painting Tuition – Siege Studios EMC

Brushes used were Series S and Series D from Artis Opus

Airbrushing Tuition – Barwell UK Airbrush Supplies

2 thoughts on “Pelannor Fields- The 2019 Christmas Game setup

  1. Jason Ralls says:

    Looks great, I hope you all had a good days gaming on it. Hopefully by now the orcs have all been defeated and the mumaks are no more. All the best to you all and hope to see you in the New Year.


    Liked by 2 people

    • Lee says:

      Thanks mate. Yes we all had a blast playing the game, I won’t give away too much as we intend to do a follow up post on the game πŸ˜‰πŸ˜. We look forward to meeting up again in the new year and invite you up to the Bunker for a game. πŸ‘


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