An Evening with Star Wars Legion

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November 29, 2019 by Lee

I must admit that Jamie and I have really got into playing Star Wars Legion of late, trying out different units and combinations. I must say that Fantasy Flight Games has certainly done a good job trying to replicate the atmosphere of this iconic story.

It all started for me as a very young boy in 1977 when my mum took me to the local cinema in town to see Star wars – A New Hope……… Picture the scene, I was 4 years old, sat in a dark auditorium, stuffing my face with sweats etc… Then the famous line of text appears – A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away……. And then Bammm !!!! STAR WARS – A New Hope intro credits, music pumping, the narrative scrolling up the screen and I remember gripping the arm rests of the seat. The intro credits die and the music fades and you look what appears to be a planet on the lower screen and another whole planet off to the left of shot. Then you hear engines, a loud rumble and it feels like the cinema is going to collapse with the base vibration and noise, then wooosh, Tantive IV Leas ship flies over and feels like its just above your head and you can touch it. Next you see its getting shot at, but by what…. yeah you guessed it an even bigger ship, a Star Destroyer.

Now, close your eyes and think back to when you were 4 years old, can you think of something that has gave you that excitement and adrenalin rush at such a young age that has stayed with you ever since. At the time of writing this I’m 46 years old and seeing that scene still reminds me of being sat in my local cinema back in 1977.

The inner story of Star Wars is not just a fantasy Sci Fi piece of fiction, it is a very cleverly written story that we can all relate to, no matter what generation sees it. Yes, the costumes from the 70s look a little dated today, but then the costumes in the latest films are going to look dated in 40 odd years time.

So, why am I taking a brief trip back down memory lane? Well, recently if you remember I done a short interview with Jamie, showing his new terrain he had designed. If you have not seen that post then please feel free to click HERE.

During the video, I mentioned that Josh was popping round to have a bash at Star Wars Legion with Jamie. Well, I took some more video showing the table setup and some of the action when the guys were playing. I have to thank Josh as he doesn’t like being on camera, but I tried to film it in a less personal way.

The one thing that really stood out to me was here we are in 2019 Jamie all grown up and Josh who we’ve know now 10 years all 3 of us of different generations but still enjoying the Star Wars story and all 3 of us getting the same excitement from it. It was a pleasure to watch them roll dice and create narrative while they were gaming, it took me back to 1977 in that cinema, so for me I have to thank them for taking me back to an innocent time of my life. If only life could be that simple……..

I hope you enjoy the video I took, its not a battle report, its just an overview of the evenings game. Disclaimer, we know the armies are not legal armies as they are led by a support character and not a commander. This was something we like to do…


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