Our first proper Star Wars Legion game

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November 22, 2019 by Lee

Where has October and November gone? In fact where has the whole of 2019 gone. The time certainly has flown by this year and I’m sure all the projects I had planned for has not happened. But, then again I think that is the same for everyone.

One project that Jamie and I set out to do this year was to finally get round to building and painting our Star Wars Legion armies. Well, as you might have guessed the time ran away from us at the start of the year and it was around May that we looked at each other with that I’m sure we were planning to do a project for your birthday game this year Jamie!!! And then the first trailer for Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker came on the TV.

You guessed it, the penny had dropped and so with only 5 months to get this all done, well only 4 months as we were in America during September touring the Shenandoah Valley visiting many Civil War battlefields and other sites. You can see our full tour with historical accounts in our America Holiday 2019 category in the blog roll.

Mel stopped painting Rohirrim cavalry for our Christmas game and started to build the figures. We knew we wouldn’t get all the figures painted in time and we also knew from Shaun of Little ninja painting  facebook page that he was very busy at the time. So as you can imagine we trawled the internet and came across Ravens Nest Painting. We reached out to them explaining what we would like, they hadn’t at the time painted any of the Star Wars figures and so were keen to try them. Jamie sent his army off first and from start to finish was around 6 weeks. The army came back to us with a figure case and all the miniatures nicely packed away. Jamie and I were very pleased with the standard of work they had done and so we contacted them again to ask about painting my army as this would keep to consistency in styles. We sent my Imperials off and again they took around 5 – 6 weeks and were returned to us with another figure case and neatly packed away. Again we were very impressed by the standard of workmanship Ravens Nest Painting had done for us with my Imperial and Jamie’s Rebel armies together on the table they look splendid.

I am very pleased we have now two commission painters that are very consistent with their painting and service being, Little Ninja Painting and Ravens Nest Painting (links above and worth checking out).

So with figures back it was time to look at what terrain we had. Well, I said to Jamie that the 4Ground Jesserai Sci Fi terrain would be perfect for Star Wars Legion. I knew I had quite a bit built already and Jamie was keen to buy the Battlefield in a Box resin Generators and command terminals to add character to the setting. The only building that needed to be built was the big Hanger / Repair Shop. Well, on the eve of the game, Mel stayed up till 2am getting the building built. I have to say it looked awesome on the table…….



The day of the game, this was going to be a grudge match between us as in the few demo games we had played previously learning the rules the Empire seemed to edge it. With the table all laid out and the armies deployed battle commenced. To see a video of the table setup please click here.


The game started well for the Imperial army with the Death Troopers taking out the Rebel Commandos in a single shooting action. By the end of turn one, both armies mainly moved to capture objectives. As the game continued it became a game of two halves, meaning the Imperial army controlled one side of the table and the Rebels the other.



Jamie continued to be aggressive with the Rebel Walkers (don’t get me started on the flamethrower mounted on one of them).



By the mid point of the game, both sides were even on objective points and so it was going to take something special to change it. Jamie continued to dominate on one side of the table with his walkers taking out my speeder bikes and what was left of my infantry on that side.



“There’s a flamethrower AT RT walker chasing us!!!!!!!”


Meanwhile on the other side of the table, the Imperial forces were making good progress mopping up the remaining Rebels. This was lucky for the Imperial army as they secured their objectives and were not going to be threatened again for the rest of the game.




The game concluded with the Rebel forces narrowly missing out by 1 point, but the Imperial army was very short of resources to carry on. We agreed to call it and take stock of what was a very enjoyable game.


Star Wars Legion is a very good game and full of potential for narrative style gaming like we enjoy playing.

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