Day 15 – The End

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September 23, 2019 by Lee

Is it that time already, boy that 2 weeks has flown by in a flash.

For our last post on our American Adventure I thought I would talk about the highs and lows and there was a couple of our adventure.

For the highs there are far too many to mention. I believe I have come away from this holiday with a better understanding of key figures in American history and some of those facts has really shocked me.

But I must say that everyone who we came in contact with was very gracious, polite and very pleased and keen that we 3 English people had taken an interest in their past. Our blog is by no way a political blog, but I have found it hard to accept that American people would want to tear down monuments, I mean it’s their history. But as I said our blog is not for political debate.

We did have a plan before we came, but I’m glad I didn’t stick to all of it in the order we set out. I will say that driving down through the Shenandoah Valley was some beautiful countryside, mixed with mountains and rivers.

I cant express enough to anyone visiting the Shenandoah to make sure you go to Harper’s Ferry and Winchester. These two places are very much as they were before the American Civil War.

The stand out visit and totally not on the itinerary was when we visited Fort Frederick. The frontier of America has always fascinated me and it is something I am going to look at more when I’m back.

Walking around all the battlefields was again at times quite somber, standing in places where thousands of men died for a cause no matter what side they were on was a testament to the American people.

The driving in America was mostly better than driving in the UK. The signage and road structure far exceeds us and makes driving a pleasure. It’s funny America is a very large country, but because their roads are good it feels like you get to your destination in no time at all. We could certainly learn from them.

Like I said there are far too many highs to mention, but we do have a couple of lows, we’ll only one as the other was our fault.

The minor issue we had was when we parked in the car park at Gettysburg, we missed the sign that said to park head in and I done what I normally do and that is reverse park. We returned to the car and found it had a parking violation ticket. Yeah it annoyed us, but then we just laughed it off and paid the $15 fine.

The main low point happened this morning, the day we were leaving the country. We woke, had breakfast and was walking back to the room to pick up the keys to the car and return it. Upon approaching the car I noticed it was leaning down on one side at the back, yes you guessed it we had a puncher. But not a normal puncher, some bloody toerag had maliciously hammered a nail into the sidewalk of the tire. It was a good job I took the breakdown insurance out when hiring the car, they came and swapped the tyre and we then returned the vehicle and explained.

Did this dampen the holiday, nah not at all, yes it was an inconvenience, but then again that can happen anywhere. 😁

We are now at the airport waiting for the flight and having a quick bite to eat.



So will we return to the States? You bet we will. America is a lovely place and has a lot to offer all tastes and interests.

So from all of us, we thank you for following our adventure and we hope you continue to enjoy our blog.

Please feel free to Like, Comment and Share any of our posts and once again thank you.

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