Day 8 – The start of the Manassas adventure

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September 17, 2019 by Mel

Before I start with today’s adventure I just want to comment on a post blog item from last night. We had done the post expecting that day to be over, just get some dinner and turn in for the night. We went back down to Nana’s Irish Bar as the food was sssooooo good. As we walked into the bar we found three musicians playing a few songs in the corner of the bar. They were really good and even did an encore for us. So, a quick hats off to them ….. thank you.


Today was about getting to Manassas and just getting our bearings. We are here for the next 2 full days and so didn’t want to do too much today (besides I have a mass of washing to do at the hotel !!!).

We got to the Visitors Centre at just before 10 and we’re just in time for a 45 minute film introducing us to the first and second battles at Manassas ( or Bull Run depending which side you’re on !). The film was great and Lee couldn’t resist buying it from the gift shop.

After this we found there was a ranger tour showing the details of the battle around Henry House Hill. We decided to join the tour today so we could do our own walking tour tomorrow. Audrey, the tour guide, was very knowledgeable and was clearly very passionate about the history of the area. She gave a fantastic talk about the 1st battle pointing out what happened where and when. It was great to have this info ready for our hiking plan for tomorrow.


We then found out that a ranger tour was happening at Brawner Farm which saw the start of the 2nd battle. We headed back to the car and travelled to the farm ready for the second tour. We were greeted by Bill who first gave a background talk about the placements of units etc at the start of the battle. He then took us on a tour around Brawners Farm, the first area to see fighting. You may know but this area saw the battle between two very famous brigades, the Stonewall Brigade fighting Lee’s favourite Union brigade the Black Hat brigade, later known as the Iron Brigade. We saw from a distance the unfinished railroad where Jackson had hidden his troops waiting for the ideal time to attack the union forces. We will be delving more into this area on Wednesday.


Today is a bit of a short post with a few photos as we will be doing much more over the next couple of days. Tomorrow is tracing the steps of The First Battle and Wedneaday will be following the Second Battle.

For now though it’s back to getting the washing sorted before we run out of clean clothes !!! We hope you are enjoying following our travels and please feel free to Like, Share and Comment.

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