Day 2…. the calm before the Storm !

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September 11, 2019 by Mel

Today was our first full day in Gettysburg.  It started really early as we haven’t yet managed to get used to the time difference and we’re all wide awake by 5am !!  Well, not to waste the opportunity, Jamie led the charge out to get some sunrise snaps.




After a bit of breakfast, we caught the bus up to the Gettysburg National Military Park visitors centre to pick up the map and tour guide.


While there we noticed a sign for a sunset bus tour happening on 19th which is the day we return to Gettysburg so we have signed up for that one and will hopefully get some great shots.


We got back to the hotel and went to pick up the hire car. Now, I definitely booked the car hire to be a Toyota RAV4 or similar …… We seem to have ended up with a Toyota Highlander. Really nice but a bit bigger than we had expected, I guess we were a little naive. After finding our way back to the hotel, we decided to go downtown to look around the shops as we had spied a few earlier.


Jamie wanted to go into a games shop and we found that one. Wow, what a treasure trove. It was amazing the amount of comic mags there were in there. After the inevitable purchase of a few, we then went for a wander and found a wonderful little German Christmas shop. I didn’t want to leave…..until I saw the prices but hey surely I’m worth it 😁.

To follow this we went on the hunt for a little ice cream shop Lee had noticed. Wow, it was amazing, proper homemade ice cream. The people in there were great and we will definitely be revisiting on our return trip next week. Well, we have to go back as the lady decided she loved our southern English accent and wanted us to come back and talk to her…… and so gave us vouchers for free ice cream next time 😁


With evening coming on we decided to take a bit of a drive out around the battlefield before dinner. After a short stop at Meade’s House we drove up to Little Round Top to see the sun go down. It was absolutely amazing. The view never ceases to both impress and horrify considering the history and reason we all know of it.




No visit to Little Round Too would not be complete without taking a look at Colonial Chamberlain and the 20th Maine position.

The pictures below are parts of the original wall that the 20th Maine put together and to the left is where they refused the flank. The heroics of the 20th Maine helps save the Union left flank on day 2 of the battle July 2nd 1863.




The picture below is the road that leads up to the top of Little Round Top. This is the area leading up to the 20th Maine’s position and to the top of the hill.


The now sets across the battlefield and the pictures below are looking out towards devils den.



So now we’re off for a bite to eat and then settle down for the night.


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