The Battle of Fredricksburg


September 2, 2019 by Lee

Well, being American Civil War enthusiasts we noticed on the Entoyment Wargaming & Hobbies Facebook page they were hosting the Battle of Fredericksburg game in 28mm using Black Powder.

This could not have come at a better time as we are shortly off to the states to tour some of the Civil War eastern battlefields. Out last visit to America we went to Fredericksburg and so to game a battle that we have been to was very exciting.

The Black Powder rules has never been a favourite of mine, but I was very interested to see how others interpreted the rules. I have to say after talking with Paul who was running the game, I found we shared some of the same thoughts. I found it interesting some of the amendments he has made to the rules and they were aligned with my way of thinking. I definitely think I will add these to my games of Black Powder, Hail Caesar and Pike and Shotte in the future.

Upon arrival we weren’t sure what to expect. We haven’t often played in groups with complete strangers. Mel was nervous for having bad experiences in the past and also worrying about me with my depression and anxiety. If you’ve read my posts on this subject then you will understand her concerns. All of our fears and concerns were soon forgotten about once the banter had started with the gang from the Devon Wargames Group along with the others.

Once the game was ready, we all went to the gaming hall where Paul and Carl who were running the game split us up into sides. This meant due to numbers Jamie was on the Union side advancing from Fredericksburg attacking Marye’s heights. Mel and myself were playing the Confederates (which is very rare for me) and we were defending the sunken road on Marye’s Heights.

Mel did offer to swap with Jamie, but he was eager to play the union attacking an iconic Marye’s Heights position.

The game flowed very well all’s considering with the number of people playing. Jason who was to my right threw some amazing saving throws, I asked him to check his dice. This then sparked more banter between the two of us as he kept asking me to support him. My confederate forces were happy behind a stone wall in a sunken road, until nearing the end of the game where I blundered their orders. Jason forces by then were depleted as the Union were pushing hard, but my blunder seen Ransoms brigade leave the safety of the wall and Charge into the flank of the Union troops.

This action saw the end of this attack, as Jamie was struggling to get his reserves forward through Fredericksburg to support the Union attack.

Meanwhile in the centre, the Union attacked another Confederate defensive position defended by Chris and Jason and these too were repulsed time and time again.

Nathan on the Confederate right flank formed his infantry in a defensive line happy to contain any Union advance, eagerly waiting for Stuart’s cavalry to get going. Nathan was suffering the same issue as I was in we kept failing our command rolls, but then he finally got his orders through and the cavalry got going and then they were difficult to stop.

It was late in the afternoon and the Union forces were by now getting depleted and checked at every location, we all agreed that the Union army was exhausted and would withdraw from the field.

Conclusion to our day was regardless of which side won, we met some great people and we hope to meet up again, no Jason I’m still not going to support you 😁😁.

Below is a short video on some of the action during the game, this doesn’t reflect the whole game but it shows what a great spectacle Paul and Carl put on for us.

I must also put a shout out to Pete of Entoyment Wargaming & Hobbies, letting us play on that size of table and his enthusiasm was great. If you’ve not been to Entoyment then it’s worth a visit.




I hope you’ve enjoyed our video and reading about our adventure, if so then let us know what you think in the comments box below.

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2 thoughts on “The Battle of Fredricksburg

  1. Jason Ralls says:

    Nice report Lee, it was great to meet you all. I will admit that I was a bit concerned when your troops all went to sleep behind that wall, but they came good in the end. I hope to see you there again at some point.
    Regards from your right flank!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee says:

      Hi Jason, it was really good to meet you all and yes we would like to meet up again either there or your more than welcome to come up to our bunker.

      The next time we meet, I like chocolate digestives or Bourbon biscuits to go with the banter mate 😂😂😂

      All the best from your very defensive left flank. 👍😁 oh I’m following your blog mate, nice articles that I’ve read so far and feel free to share this post mate.


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