Warhammer World Road Trip 2019

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August 20, 2019 by Lee

In the usual Battle Bunker tradition we venture on our annual pilgrimage to Warhammer World Nottingham, however this years road trip was a little different.

The original plan was to go up to celebrate Jamies’ ‘A’ Level results and the end of his school education. We booked the hotel and we decided what games we were going to play. We thought we would play a 40k Apocalypse game as we really liked how the mechanics of the new game worked. For once, the armies were already painted and ready to go, so Mel didn’t have to stress with many hours of last minute painting.

Of course nothing is as simple or easy as it sounds as then we checked the events for August and Aaaghhh !!!!!!!. We found that this weekend was a 40k tournament weekend. And so the plan for what we were going to play had to change.

As the latest release from Games Workshop was Warcry, we figured this would be a good alternative as the only area available to play was going to be in Bugmans Bar. We looked through all of the warband options and decided to do the Stormcast, Orruks and the Nighthaunts. We got all the figures out and Mel would need to paint up the Stormcast and Orruks. Just ready to start painting we went out for Sunday lunch, when I threw in a curve ball and suggested that instead Mel should build and paint the Untamed Beasts for Jamie, the Corvus Cabal for me and the Cypher Lords for Mel.

Another good plan which didn’t go to plan, (would you have expected anything else at this stage). The Untamed Beasts were in progress when a family emergency came up which meant Mel had to spend quite a bit of time with a family member in hospital. I on the other hand was engaged elsewhere…….

Ok, so wind back a couple of days…….

Jamie came home from work and mentioned that myself and him had been invited to the stag weekend of Cad Jeal from 4Ground. As you may be aware that 4Ground are very close friends to us and have been for about 5 years so far and it would have been rude to turn down this invitation and so we found out from Andy where we were going……

Yep, you guessed it, we were off to Warhammer World on the weekend before our own planned visit. Much as I felt very guilty leaving Mel with the family emergency I couldn’t really turn this down, could I? 🙂

The plan was to meet up on the Friday as a group of 10 of us. This included Cad (the stag), Big Ben, Andy, Francis, John, Izzy, Alex, Robbie, Jamie and myself. Jamie and I decided to leave very early Friday morning to avoid the traffic around Birmingham and get breakfast once we were there. We arrived in good time for opening, had breakfast and then we went around the exhibition while we waited for the others to arrive. Gradually everyone turned up and we all went around the exhibition before going to the hotel for evening meal and drinks.


Big Ben and Ashley talking buildings



Cad receiving a gift from John (28mm BattleTech mech) Perfect wedding gift in my opinion

And so to Saturday, after breakfast we headed to Warhammer World. Todays plan was a full days gaming comprising of a 40k round robin of games. Big Ben and I spent most of this day in Bugmans putting the world to rights and occasionally popping out to the hall to see how the games were going. Saturday evening we were back to the hotel for food and more drinks, banter and few games of our Charge of the Light Brigade.


IMG_2902 (2)

Epic moment when Sanguinius and Marneus Calgar taking each other out in combat


An epic game fought between Jamies Ultramarines and Cads Blood Angels

IMG_0287 (2)

As Sunday came round, surprisingly without sore heads we went back to Warhammer world for a final day of gaming. Today we decided to split up and play different games, Jamie, Andy, Izzy and I played 40k Apocalypse, Robbie and Alex played normal 40k and Big Ben, Cad, John and Francis played Adeptus Titanicus (I really want to get a game in of this).


Andy describing how his Salamanders have teemed up with my Orks

IMG_2951 (2)

Even with my glasses on I cant see the numbers on the tape measure

It seems like a great time was had by all and I hope it was a weekend for Cad to remember and we are talking about doing it again next year.


During the time Jamie and I were away, Mel was working towards the figures when she wasn’t at the hospital. She managed to finish the Untamed Beasts and worked towards getting the Corvus Cabal done. However she was still working on these on the Wednesday before we were going and had to concede defeat in the rare occasion. Mel did however manage to build and paint all of the terrain from the Warcry box set.

Therefore we made the decision to take the Untamed Beasts and the Nighthaunts along with a few Lord of the Rings figures (some of my army of the dead recently painted by Mel and some Uruk-hai). This time we were only staying the Saturday night and so left very early Saturday morning.

The video below is a look at the table showing the terrain layout and the pictures that follow are from the Warcry game.









We played a trial game with 3 figures a side first just to get used to the basic mechanics  of the game and afterwards we played a full proper game. We will do a proper overview of the game and figures when Mel has finished painting all the factions. However though our initial thoughts on the game is that its great, its suites our narrative style of gaming very well and the rules are very simple to pick up.

So for the Sunday we made a beeline for one of the booths in Bugmans Bar and set up a small game of Middle Earth strategy battle game. Now, if you’ve read our recent Legends of the Old West game then you will see that we are very fond of these rules, again they allow you to add narrative to your games. We played a couple of missions from capturing a relic and holding a camp. In both cases I was rolling exceptionally well and Mel was rolling total pants much to Jamies disgust. The Warcry terrain set up proves to work well to play a small game like this and so a very versatile set.








Whilst two weekends on the trot in very exhausting, we all really enjoyed our 2019 road trip and all the experiences we had. It was great to meet up with GW staff Adam and Ashley again to catch up and we hope it wont be too long before we venture up north again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our adventures, if so then let us know what you think in the comments box below.

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