Little Wars TV – Gettysburg Refight


July 2, 2019 by Lee

If you asked anyone who knows me “what is Lee’s favourite military period?”, they would all reply “that’s easy, the American Civil War”.

I have always been fascinated by all American military history up until the ACW,  but the American Civil War has always captured my interest. For me this was the first real modern war, where we see repeating rifles / carbines being used enmass and the introduction of Gatling machine guns being deployed on the battlefield. This was also a war that seen the end of the Napoleonic tactics and the introduction of trench warfare, especially around Vicksburg and Petersburg. But many men lost their lives or were severely wounded before the tactics began to change.

Aside from the military side of the war, the political side saw both sides trying out manoeuvre each other and it’s no wonder that this political stage spilled out in Europe, where Great Britain and France were close to joining the Confederate cause.

So, why am I doing this post you may ask. Well, I thought I would share a link to the Little Wars TV YouTube channel, where they teamed up with The American Battlefield Trust to put on an interactive refight of the battle of Gettysburg as a Wargame.

Earlier in the year both groups put out a request to the public to vote on key aspects / orders that both armies would have to follow during the game, would these decisions change the outcome of the battle? Or even would they have changed the course of the war? To find out please click the link below and I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.


The rules used for this Wargame was a set called Altar of Freedom, which you can purchase from the Altar of Freedom website or Wargame Vault. I think I now have a reason not to sell my 10mm collection and I may rebase them for these.

If you are interested, the links below will take you to the Little Wars TV and the American Battlefield Trust websites.

Little Wars TV

American Battlefield Trust

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2 thoughts on “Little Wars TV – Gettysburg Refight

  1. BARRY HILTON says:

    Thanks for that Lee. I have also always had a lasting interest in the war, so this was a nice find,




    • Lee says:

      Your welcome Barry.

      I thought it was an excellent piece that should be shared as it’s remembering the 156 years of the battle. I also thought the collaboration between a Wargames club and the Battlefield Trust worked so well giving a more wider experience.

      I’m going back to Gettysburg later in the year to do more studying of the battlefield, while we are over there we are also taking in Antietam, both bull run battles, South mountain, cedar creak and hopefully a few others.

      The last time we were there is where we met at Historicon, after which we went and looked at the Fredericksburg battlefield remains and then went to Gettysburg. The tour of that holiday is in the Holiday 2016 section.

      Hope your well 👍😁

      Liked by 1 person

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