75th Anniversary D Day Game

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June 6, 2019 by Lee

75 years ago thousands of brave allied forces has been training for the greatest military invasion the world had seen. The roads and rail network during the weeks before D Day were busy bringing the men and materials to staging posts all along the south coast of England.

D Day has always fascinated me, not just for the actual military campaign itself, but for the elaborate deception plan that had fooled the German high command. The spiral of false information that was spun to German agents had allowed the Allies to prepare in almost secrecy. This deception was further assisted by the various French resistance groups who were eager to see the end of occupation.

Despite all the meticulous planning, there are some things you just can’t plan for, the weather. The weather played a major part by causing the invasion to be postponed by 24hrs, but a break in the weather provided a window of opportunity for the invasion to take place.

To mark this monumental point in history, we thought that we would honour the occasion by playing our own beach landing game.

But, instead of doing our usual pictorial dialogue, we thought to mark the occasion we would show you the game as a vlog video showing you how our game played out. We hope you enjoy this video.





Overview of our game

The British forces struggled to get ashore due to the tide drifting their landing craft off course. Once they got to the beach they were under immediate fire from a strong German defence. After the first bunker was captured, in which many lives were lost, the British were gaining a toehold on the beach.

The Germans however, with poor communications and in confusion were beginning to struggle to bring in some of the vital reinforcements that were needed to repulse the British attack.

Our game ended with the German force reaching its battle rating total and withdrew from the table. Victory for the British, albeit at a very high cost in men and materials, but, it meant they could now hopefully link up with the other beaches and press inland.

If you are interested in how I amended the rules to fit our scenario, then please feel free to take a look by clicking on the D Day Scenario




We hope you’ve enjoyed our video, if so then let us know what you think in the comments box below.

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