Brush Strokes 08/05/19


May 8, 2019 by Mel

So for this weeks Brush Strokes I didn’t get a whole heap done expect building models and I guess you don’t really want to see heaps of grey plastic and therefore I thought I would go through a technique that I learned for our Christmas game of Wild West Exodus. I wanted to really heavily weather some buildings to look really run down. I looked for many tutorials and couldn’t really find what I wanted. So in true Battle Bunker style I thought trial and error would be the best thing and hey, it worked for me.

Firstly we had the buildings we wanted which were the WWX Western Cottages by Micro Art Studios. I wanted to try and emulate the style on their website and so once built I set to work on building up the paint layers etc.


Built cottage from the range


Side View


First I put a base colour of Mechanicus Standard Grey


Next, I ran a watered down shade of Agrax Earthshade


Once dried, I ran a second coat to deepen the shading


Next I dry brushed Mechanicus Standard Grey again to pick up some of the detail


Drybrush Olive Drab to show some moss effect


Next I introduced a drybrush of Ulthuan Grey to give some highlighting and some rain soaked damage


Next I blended the colours shown with a further wash of Agrax Earthshade


Slowly I added back the lighter Ulthuan Grey with a dragging effect to show edging and more rain damage


And eventually to the finished product

The buildings looked great on the table for the game as we added some flickering tealights inside. If you are interested more info of the Christmas game and the Table setup can be seen by clicking the links.

Well I’m not sure what I’ll get done this week as the weekend is taken up with Warhammer Fest. If you see us there, feel free to say hello. I’ll do a catch up next week with whatever progress I make.

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One thought on “Brush Strokes 08/05/19

  1. Lee says:

    The buildings came up well and looked really good on the table along with the Mesa terrain piece we made.


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