Evading the Sheriff in Dodge City


May 4, 2019 by Lee

“It was an unusually quiet Thursday evening in a small backstreet area of Dodge city. The sun was setting and all seemed peaceful with the world. Nobody was expecting what was going to happen next………..” 


The Sun setting over Dodge City



The streets were quiet, but for the occasional tumbleweed

“Of course nothing is ever like it seems. An earlier robbery at the First National Bank by the notorious Worton Gang had left the towns folk suspicious. Instead of touting for business in her normal way, SallyAnn was keeping a careful eye on the goings on when she noticed unusual activity in the town houses. Not one to mind her own business, SallyAnn called upon the local Sheriff  (who was short on his payment on his last visit to her) to scout around. Unknowingly the Sheriff would be walking into a trap as SallyAnn knew exactly who the gang were that had earlier robbed the bank.”



SallyAnn surveying the streets

“The Sheriff, ready to make a name for himself, takes his deputy to the town houses and sneaks a look through the windows. Peering through a gap in the curtains, he spots John Worton, the leader of the Worton gang. He quickly realises that if John Worton is there then his younger brother Sam would also be there. The Worton gang are way to much for the deputy and Sheriff to handle alone and they quickly make their way back to Rogans Bar to round up the local Vigilantes with bribes of reward in the capture of the Worton gang.”


The Sheriff and his deputy making their way to Rogans Bar

“Little did the sheriff know, while he was rounding up his posse of vigilantes, SallyAnn had informed John Worton that the Sheriff was on to him. Quick to react, John orders Sam and some of the other gang members to do whatever they can to get the loot out of the town to their hideout. John orders the rest of his gang to take up defensive positions ready for the showdown with the sheriff.”


Both sides taking up positions


Worton gang members guarding the rear of the town houses


Worton gang member with the high ground to the front


More Worton gang members at the rear of the houses


Group of Vigilantes using cover



Vigilante taking up a position overlooking the town

“Following Johns orders, Sam and some of the gang start to make a break for it. As they rushed out of the back doors they were met by a fusillade of gun fire from the waiting vigilantes. John and the rest of the gang opened fire to support his brothers escape. The Sheriff and the deputy meanwhile, make their way from Rogans bar to the town houses to try to block the escape. As they moved across the road they were being shot at by a Worton gang member on the roof, seeing everything from his vantage point, the vigilante on the wind turbine shouts to the sheriff “don’t worry, I’ve got him”. Armed with a repeating rifle the vigilante takes aim and fires, taking out the Worton gang member shooting at the Sheriff.”

“Distracted by all of the ensuing gun fire, the Sheriff fails to notice the escape of Sam and some of the gang members. Relieved by his brothers escape, John orders the rest of the gang to escape if they can before they are caught. Quick to notice the ploy of escape, the Sheriff shouts to the vigilantes to stop the escape at any cost. As is the way in the West, hand to hand fighting rarely has a good outcome and much blood was spilled on both sides. In fear of his life, John has to make a break for it…..”


2 Vigilantes move in to take out the Worton gang member on the boardwalk


The Sheriff and deputy try to arrest the Worton gang member, but he has none of it


The Worton gang member on the right manages to beat back the Vigilantes


And he manages to take out one of them


Sam leads some of the gang down a side alley and escapes the Sheriff posse

“John manages to escape by sheer damned luck and wont be visiting the hanging judge just yet. He makes his way to the hideout where he meets up with Sam and they celebrate their good fortune with enough whiskey to drown a horse.”

“Meanwhile back in Dodge, the Sheriff deduces that all was not quite as it seemed with SallyAnns tale, however he’ll never know the truth and she will never tell – any secrets can be bought!!”

What’s next for the Worton Gang? Who knows where this story will lead to next……..


The Worton gang member s who manages to escape, from left to right – John, Sam and two gang members

We have not played Legends of the Old West for such a long time. Once we refreshed our memories of the rules, we all enjoyed the game and putting the narrative to the game made a real difference.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this story, if so then let us know what you think in the comments box below.

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2 thoughts on “Evading the Sheriff in Dodge City

  1. […] Evading the Sheriff in Dodge City @ Battlebunkerblog – This is a fantastically put together battle report.  It doesn’t get bogged down in the mechanics of the game and is full of beautiful images and a wee bit narrative.  The author has such a lovely board, wonderful scenery and some very well-painted miniatures. […]

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