Brush Strokes 30/04/19


April 30, 2019 by Mel

And another week has gone by…. wow, they are going by so fast !!!  So, last week I closed with the following statement………..

I WILL FINISH THAT UNIT OF THE BIG PROJECT !!!!!! Ok, I guess that putting it in capital letters means I really do have to do it ;-). I’m probably also going to start building up more Romans to get a unit going of those. I’ve ordered shield transfers as there is no way I could go freehand on them !!

So how did I get on ???   I DID IT 🙂

I managed to finish not only that unit but also more of the next couple of bases. I really wish I could put up some pictures as I am now half way through the challenge but I know Lee wants to keep it all under wraps for now. I will be starting on the other half during this week coming but am really pleased with the progress now.

My next commitment was to start building the unit of Romans to go with the one I have painted. I managed to build the whole unit and get it undercoated. I am pleased with how these ones look and am looking forward to getting them painted, hopefully again I’ll get them done this week.  I have also started building the first unit of Celts to go against the Romans.


Last I was awaiting the shield transfers and they have arrived so I can get the shields done aswell.


Not a bad week but as per a normal school report….I could have done better. So, my challenge for this next week

  1.  1 more complete unit of the BIG project.
  2.  Fully paint the Roman unit complete with shields
  3. Finish building the first Celt unit
  4. Start working on some terrain for a D-Day game
  5. Start working on build for the Christmas game (…. you never expected that one, did you ?!?!?). Yep, we know what the game will be and oh boy, it will be a blast.

Well, I’ll update next week with what I managed to achieve.

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One thought on “Brush Strokes 30/04/19

  1. Lee says:

    Your quite right Mel, the reveal of the big project will have to wait a little longer. But I can say that so far it’s been a lot of work from Jamie, Mel and myself.

    I know we’ve talked about doing ancients for a long time now, but after the demo day of To the Strongest, put on by Andy Barnett a follower and long time friend of our group has really put a spring in our steps to start playing.


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