Brush Strokes 23/4/19

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April 23, 2019 by Mel

Ok, ok, I know I said I would update this every week and I have already missed a week. Bear with me and keep reading and I will explain the reason why.

Firstly my plans at the end of the last post were to finish the current unit of the BIG project and then onto more Ultramarines.  Also, I was intending to have a look at building some of the Mortal Gods figures and get them prepped for painting. So where am I with all that ?

I did do some more to the unit of the BIG project. Not quite finished the unit but almost. I will definitely get that finished this week.  I didn’t get any further with the Ultramarines and didn’t even open the Mortal Gods.  Sounds like a wasted couple of weeks….. and I suppose in some ways it was. You see, one side of the BIG project I am happy with and cracking on through it. However the other side means decisions of which brand of plastic miniatures. I supposed we have all been spoiled with the likes of GW who’s models are exquisite and fit together (most of the time) exceptionally well. They are fitted to the correct positions with little or no need for correctional work.

This was definitely not the case this week with figures of a historical nature from other manufacturers. I have to admit that I thought that I had somehow developed an inability to get models to fit well and look right. I tried building the figures from one company and they just didn’t look like natural poses. The arms just didn’t fit flush to the models. Not happy with these, we bought figures from a different manufacturer thinking they would be better …………………. but alas, no. Exactly the same issues. The weapons seemed to be at odd angles, guns firing pointing either upwards or at a downward angle, loading guns way away from the body which, if in reality, would not be possible. It was at this point I had a quite demoralised moment and I confess, walked away from it (hence the lack in productivity !!). I contacted some other painters to get some advice only to find they had had similar issues. I don’t understand why this happens.  Is it an issue with mouldings ?  Is it to do with trying to make things fit to a standard dolly rather than purpose create ? Is it that the manufacturers are just trying to rush through ranges without due care and attention, expecting the hobbyist to correct any flaws with extremes of green stuff ?  I really don’t know. I have to say that I was not impressed and we ended up ordering single piece metal models instead. The other issue is there are not any proper instructions to go with the plastic boxes. It is not clear which sets of arms should go with which body. Maybe this would have made the process a lot easier. I know the manufacturers are wanting to leave it open for people to have options however the result is poorly fitted figures which look awkward. Please, please, please just give us a clue as to what set of arms goes with what body.  I sent a message to one of the manufacturers and did receive a reply. The reply was that the sprue had arms next to each other so it was easy to match them up.  Nice reply but hey, I didn’t ask that !!!  I can see which arms paired up,  I just wanted to know if each set of arms was designed to go on a specific body type.  OMG, I really have gone on a bit of a rant, many apologies but it is sssoooooo frustrating.

Moving on, before this turns into a raging War and Peace 🙂

So did I actually achieve anything this week ? …… YES !!

We are starting some Ancients armies after having played To the Strongest. See our earlier post (To the Strongest Demo Day). We have had models kicking around for a while but this really set the spark to get it all started. Lee and Jamie have a Roman Army and I have a Celt Army. I have never really painted Romans before and set out to build and paint a test figure to see how I will do the rest of the army. I have to say I am rather pleased with the result..

file1-34 (2)

file-35 (2)

This is a Victrix model (yes, I know… a plastic model !!) but it did actually build rather well. No instructions but I used the website to guess the pose. Lee suggested that I put the figure out to comment on Saxon Dog Painting facebook page for comments and it seems I did a good job.  Please give some feedback on here as to what you think. I am always looking for comments on how to improve and historical painting is not exactly my strong point.

So where does that leave me for this week.  I WILL FINISH THAT UNIT OF THE BIG PROJECT !!!!!! Ok, I guess that putting it in capital letters means I really do have to do it ;-). I’m probably also going to start building up more Romans to get a unit going of those. I’ve ordered shield transfers as there is no way I could go freehand on them !! I’ll update next week of my progress.

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