Brush Strokes 9/4/19

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April 9, 2019 by Mel

Wow, time has certainly flown by and I realise I haven’t done anything on the blog for ……. well, a long, long time. Actually, I haven’t done a Brush Strokes post since last year. I guess I have a lot of catching up to do !!!  Ok, so my plan going forward is to do a post each week updating what I have been painting / building over the last week and what I plan to do for the week to come. Firstly, it shows I do actually have a plan but also holds me accountable to that plan (Well, sort of…. plans can change :-))

However, for this post I guess I have a bit to catch you all up on.  So what has been happening ?  Well, I guess you saw the Christmas game posts that Lee put up (and yes, I really did give the Paddington Bear stare !!). That took quite some doing but was definitely worth the work. I really enjoyed working on the boats for the Blood and Plunder game, and working with Lee on the Mesa for the WWX game. A personal challenge though was to work out how to paint an aged effect onto the WWX buildings to show them as weathered and battered. The paint techniques I used on these came out really well and I will do a post later this week to show how I did it.

But to update you on this year so far…..


During last year, we had a bit of a clear out of a lot of older GW figures. This meant that most of Jamie’s Ultramarines went and I promised him I would start painting his new force. He had the new Marneus Calger and bodyguard set and so I set to work painting those. I absolutely loved these. It was great having the chance to use the techniques on the Power Swords and on the face that I had learned in the Siege Studios EMC course last year.

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Once I had done these, Lee threw in the last minutes AWI game and so I needed to come up with a large unit of AWI Americans.



Well I don’t have any photos yet of February’s figure work as I’m saving those until I finish the BIG project. All I’ll say is it feels like there’s ‘thousands of ’em’ !!! I did however also get a few terrain pieces painted up.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


March continues with ‘thousands of ’em’. Amongst that I managed to paint up another unit of Jamie’s Ultramarines.

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April Week 1

Well, the ‘thousands of ’em’ continues, will it ever end 😦 !!!

And so that’s brings us up to today. So for this week, I intend to finish the current unit of the BIG project and then onto more Ultramarines.  Lee has received his Kickstarter of Mortal Gods and so I may have a look at building some of those, getting them prepped for painting. I’ll update you how I got on this time next week………….

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