BATTLEGROUP – Somewhere in Normandy


April 1, 2019 by Lee

It’s mid June 1944 and Operation Perch is stalling. The British 1st Corps planned attacks was delayed by constant counter attacks by 21st Panzer Division. With mounting casualties and the German defence of Cean and the surrounding area which has thus far been resolute. The operation east of Cean was suspended on the 13th June 1944. 

Our game is focused on a typical action which took place in Operation Perch. We begin our game with a short intro video below where we go through the forces and table setup. At the end of the battle report is another video where I talk about the conclusion to the battle.



The game begins with the Germans having to take a battle rating counter from the bag due to having less reconnaissance units. The British began slowly, advancing their reconnaissance units out to each flank, supported by a Sherman and some infantry.

Battlegroup (3)

Battlegroup (5)

M4 Sherman advancing down the road towards the German Communications building

Battlegroup (6)

View from the M4 Sherman


The Germans weren’t idle as they dug in waiting to receive the British attack. Troops began to occupy the supply area objective and the 50mm Pak 38 was mounted in the bungalow bunker as you would expect.

Battlegroup (9).JPG


The action between the two sides was limited in the opening few turns as each side focused on seeking out the enemy and take the odd shot. One such shot was from the Pak 38 anti tank gun, which used both of its orders to fire twice at the Sherman advancing down the road. After all, the Sherman became a very tempting target. All the luck was on the Germans side with both spotting chances a success and the following two shots hit and penetrated the Sherman.

Battlegroup 25 (3).JPG

Pak 38 lying in wait

Battlegroup 25 (7).JPG



Losing this Sherman on turn 4 really did set the tone of what was to become. The following few turns both sides got reinforced and they made good use of these fresh troops. The British sent their Sherman troop along with some infantry and the Vickers MMG to the left flank to capture the Pak 38 bunker. The Stuart troop and the rest of the infantry advanced on the right flank making their way along the flank and through the cornfield. They were met by small arms form the German reconnaissance troops, the German infantry and Panzer IV which was ready in a prepared position. This caused a few casualties, but nothing that would hamper the British Advance. As for the British Mortars and H.Q, they took up a position behind the farm building on the right flank.

Battlegroup 25 (2)

British infantry taking up position on the right flank around the farm house and cornfield

Battlegroup 25 (1)

Sherman ARV advancing towards the left flank

Battlegroup (18)

Sherman troop advancing on the left flank along with infantry and Vickers MMG


Meanwhile, the Germans didn’t waste any time plugging any gaps with their own reserves.

Battlegroup 25 (11).JPG

Panzer IV waiting for the British to show themselves

Battlegroup (17).JPG

German Hotchkiss tanks advance to take up defensive positions

At this stage both the British and Germans had only taken a couple counters from the bag as apart from the odd shot, most of the spotting and fire had largely been ineffective.

But this was about to change…….

The British continued to advance cautiously, trying to take up good positions to engage the enemy. The Germans however, made very good use of their off table 105mm howitzers. They didn’t scatter to far and although they didn’t do too much damage, they pinned a lot of units on the right flank as they advanced through the cornfield.

Battlegroup (22).JPG

British unit on the right flank being pinned down by the German off table artillery and small arms fire.


The German Pak 38 anti tank gun spots a Sherman sneaking around to the right. The gunners take aim and fires at the Sherman while British infantry dive for cover.

Battlegroup 25 (9).JPG



Things are starting to unravel for the British, they try and bring up the Sherman ARV and support the recovery with the Vickers MMG.

Battlegroup 25 (10).JPG

Sherman ARV attempting to recover another Sherman


The British Platoon commander was receiving all sorts on mixed messages on the radio and tried to coordinate his forces the best he could under the circumstances. The British rallied their pinned down units at the expense of taking a few counters from the bag.

Battlegroup 25 (4).JPG


The action on the British right flank was becoming intense, as the British infantry advanced time and time again through the cornfield engaging the enemy and receiving a lot of casualties in the process.

Battlegroup 25 (5)

Battlegroup 25 (8)

Battlegroup (20).JPG

British infantry in the cornfield pinned down again while engaging the Germans 


The German response was swift, the Panzer IV shot and brewed a Stuart tank, but was taken out by the Sherman Firefly which had a clear shot from the left flank. The German infantry defending the supply objective was getting thin and they were rushing more infantry to that location.

Battlegroup 25 (14).JPG

Meanwhile on the British left flank they were starting to have some success. They managed to knock out the Pak 38 anti tank gun and advanced towards and captured that objective. The Sherman troop on the left flank also took out a couple of German vehicles and some infantry.

Battlegroup 25 (16).JPG

On the British right flank, they advanced to the supply dump objective engaging the Germans intensively and the German response was equally intense. As for the British in the cornfield. they were getting whittled down and were becoming ineffective.

Battlegroup 25 (15).JPG

British remnants in the cornfield

Battlegroup 25 (13).JPG

British units advancing on the right flank towards the supply objective


By now both sides were getting stretched and so we return to the video clip below for the conclusion to this battle.




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4 thoughts on “BATTLEGROUP – Somewhere in Normandy

  1. Michael Barnett says:

    Very good lee, interesting speech and very good photos (Mel).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great looking game Lee. Making me want to rush home and set up a table. Nice terrain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee says:

      Thanks Colonel, Jamie and I had a blast playing the game. I really like the rules as they allow you to play with all your toys 😁.

      We also wanted to tell a pictorial story as we played giving the reader the feel as if they were playing the game with us.

      Liked by 1 person

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