Guild Ball Season 4 Match Report

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November 5, 2018 by Lee

Well, it has been a while since we have played Guild Ball and no better way to get back on the pitch with the release of season 4 from Steamforged Games.

So, for those who may not have heard of or have seen this game before, what is Guild Ball?

Guild Ball is a fantasy medieval game that takes place in land known as the Empire of Free Cities. The lands of the empire is made up of a large range of climates, cultures and landscapes where each is controlled by a sovereign city.

Mob football is a game that is generally played between neighbouring towns and villages on feast days making it a popular game. So popular that it was taken advantage of by the powerful guilds who have invested great amounts of money into creating professional teams and structured leagues.

In game terms, Guild Ball is a table top skirmish game that combines football (or soccer) with combat with the aim of controlling a leather wrapped inflated pigs bladder and attempt to kick it into the opponent’s goal.

As I said at the start, it has been a while that we have played Guild Ball with all the other games that we play. Steamforged Games though, has recently released Season 4 with a new rulebook and team cards. These unfortunately are mainly available as a download and print yourself, which I think is where a lot of gaming companies are going at the moment. I personally don’t like this as a sole option as I like to read a actual book and not just a PDF. Click here if you would like to see the new season 4 rulebook, cards and other resources.

We never did play season 3 and so I can’t speak or comment on that season. But some of the tweaks I have read and played in season 4 compared with season 2 has made the game in my opinion so far a lot of fun to play.

The teams we used were, Jamie played his Hunters Guild and I played my Brewers Guild pictured below.

All of our figures were painted by Shaun from Little Ninja Painting who has done a great job in creating the look of these teams. Shaun has also painted Mel’s Fishermen Guild, which again do look great. You can these if you check out our Guild Ball category.


Jamie’s Hunters team


Jamie’s Hunter players he didn’t use


My Brewers Team


My Brewer players I didn’t use

The game kicked off with the Brewers doing what they do best for me in trying to control the midfield. The Hunters on the other hand are very good at slowing you down with traps and ranged attacks, making it difficult for the Brewers.

The game played out turn after turn with blows being struck on each others characters that we both forgot about the ball bobbing around, as we were having so much fun working out the new synergies that season 4 has brought to the game.


Tapper and Hooper getting some work done on Theron


Jaecar laying a trap


Birdseye shot early on in the game

Early on the Brewers were 5 – 0 up and I thought I was doing well, by taking out the Hunters mascot and a couple of players. All be it, I had taken a lot of damage and some players were near to be taken out. Jamie then had a couple of great turns as he brought players back on the field to continue the game at the right time.




By doing this and me taking damage from the poison conditions along with being snared by the Hunters traps made the game level 7 – 7 a piece. The next few actions seen the Brewers take the lead by taking out another player, with the score now 11 – 7 in favour of the Brewers.




Still holding on, just, the Brewers finally lost momentum and had a few players taken out, which meant the initiative now swung to the Hunters. The score at this point was the Hunters 11 to the Brewers 11.


The control of the pitch was clearly with the Hunters, but, the Brewers had some players returning to the field (which was surly needed on my part). To win the game both sides either needed to score or to try and take out another player.



Tapper and Scum the cat getting some work done on Seenah

The Hunters had control of the ball and passed it to Jaecar who took a shot at goal, surly with only 2 dice to get a 4+ on either of them the Brewers still had a chance.


GOAL !!!!!

Wow, what a game this was and neither of us expected it to be this close with only a goal in it, 12pts for the Hunters and 11pts for the Brewers.

After the last dice roll, we both sat down, looked at each other and just laughed as we started to talk about some of the key points in the game.

So, our thoughts on Season 4, from this game I can only say that Guild Ball has so much to offer as a small skirmish game, fairly easy mechanics to play but each team will need to be mastered in their own right. The picture below was how the game finished with my Brewers struggling to get back in to the action from being taken out.


The final positions of the game

Well that’s it for now, until next time, let us know what you’ve been up to in the comments below.

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