Warhammer World Road Trip 2018 Final Day

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August 18, 2018 by Lee

Todays post is a reflection of our road trip to Warhammer World and what can I say, its been a fantastic trip. This year we decided to take a different approach and experience all aspects of Games Workshops games within the time frame we had.


A tribute to the Old Warhammer Fantasy Battle

The first game we played was Necromunda, which you can check out a couple of posts before this or its in the 40k category under Necromunda Round Robin game. This new version I believe hasn’t lost any of its original flavour, in fact I think there is more depth to this new version of the game. The game is constantly expanding with new houses being released and even houses printed in White Dwarf. This is a good game if you want to play small detailed skirmish game. You can read about our game here Necromunda Round Robin Game

The second and Main game we played was an Age of Sigmar 2 edition, between the Soul Wars Stormcast Eternals and the Nighthaunts. These two forces were expanded to make the armies bigger and for a more in depth game. Again if you haven’t read the battle report you can find it  here The Ruins of Dras’Shiel Battle or in the Age of Sigmar category under The Ruins of Dras’Shiel. Age of Sigmar certainly has grown since it released in 1st edition, the little tweaks in the core rules and the introduction of the endless spells has added a lot of fantasy flavour in which we all liked.

The third game played was a 40k game using the Forgebane battle set. When we first saw the release of this product Jamie and I were intrigued. We thought that it would be a good storyline if the Necrons had been lying dormant on Mars and suddenly rising to take on the Adeptus Mechanicus who are garrisoned there. The three scenarios which came in the set was a great place to start as we can now develop the story within our own games and who knows where the Necrons will turn up next. If you want to read our battle report then click the link The Battle of Amontep II or it is in the 40k category under The Battle of Amontep II.

These weren’t the only games we played, if you remember back in the first post about our Warhammer World Road Trip, I mentioned that we would be running a mini league using Necromunda, Age of Sigmar Champions and Kill Team. The winner of each game would be rewarded 3pts, loser 0pts and a draw 1pt.

Well, as we chose to take our road trip when Games Workshop had late night openings Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, this meant we could play these smaller games in Bugmans Bar in the evenings. The results of these games are as follows :


  • Lee 3, Jamie 0
  • Lee 3, Mel 0
  • Jamie 3, Mel 0

First game total score – Lee 6pts, Jamie 3pts, Mel 0pts

Kill Team

  • Lee 3pts, Jamie 0pts
  • Mel 3pts, Lee 0pts
  • Jamie 3pts, Mel 0pts

Second games total scores – Lee 3pts, Jamie 3pts, Mel 3pts

The teams are pictured below, Lees Orks, Mels Space Wolves and Jamies Tau

Ork Kill Team

Space Wolves Kill Team

Tau Kill Team

Age of Sigmar Champions (card game)

  • Jamie 3pts, Lee 0pts
  • Lee 3pts, Mel 0pts
  • Jamie 3pts, Mel 0pts

Third games total score – Lee 3pts, Jamie 3pts, Mel 0pts

At this point Lee and Jamie were drawing in overall points and so a deciding round of champions had to be played between Lee and Jamie.

  • Jamie 3pts, Lee 0pts

So the overall winner of our mini league was Jamie and for his prize he wanted a Vindicare Assassin and the bragging rights on Bugmans throne.

Various Pictures of displays and game demo tables






Adeptus Titanicus


Kharadron Overlords Ironclad Skyvessel





We didn’t get around to playing Blood Bowl, but rest assured we will post our introduction in a future post.

Overall we have thoroughly enjoyed our road trip to Warhammer World this year. It was great to catch up with all the staff that we have met in previous years. We would totally recommend Warhammer World as a visit to any hobbyist as it provides everything that you would want, from a massive gaming hall, shops, advice and of course Bugmans Bar. Finally a huge congratulation to Jamie for being the overall winner of our fun mini league.


We have already started planning for our Warhammer World 2019 Road Trip.

Until next time, enjoy your hobby and let us know what you’ve been up to and if you have visited Warhammer World Nottingham. If you’ve enjoyed reading about our road trip as much as we have, please feel free to Like, Comment, Share and also Follow us as we continue our journey in this hobby…….thanks again.

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