The Battle of Amontep II

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August 17, 2018 by Lee

Wow, what a great Age of Sigmar battle we had yesterday, if you’ve not read it click the previous blog post entry to this or click the Age of Sigmar category.

So, today is our 3rd day here at Warhammer World Nottingham and I have to say that its been a blast. All the staff are great and very keen to see what we are playing.

Our game today stems from a little while back as Dad and I went halves on buying the Forgebane set when it released, as I wanted to add to my Adeptus Mechanicus and we both wanted to start a Necron force. We both agree that these campaign sets are fantastic value for money, a way to start a new or expand an existing army. The game today will again be played on a feature table Empyrea 7 pictured below. As you can see the table boards are modular and can be turned to suit your own gaming requirements. We will give a brief narrative from the campaign booklet to set the scene for each mission, however the full backstory can be found in the Forgebane book.


Campaign Narrative

The missions in the campaign are inspired by The Acts of Magos Dominus Dentrex Ologostion’s quest to secure noctilith (Black Stone) on Amontep II, and the efforts of the Technomandrite Agdahax to stop him.

The Adeptus Mechanicus Force


The Necron Force


Mission 1

The Magos Dominus of Amontep II’s Vrackian Megacomplex has been sent strict instructions to locate, sample and secure the largest deposits of Black Stone within him domain. No sooner have his Skitarii found their quarry then the sands melt away to reveal a responsive force of Necrons equally intent on their claim………

With the Adpetus Mechanicus being ambushed, they were forced into forming a defensive perimeter around the Magos Dominus whilst a small force of immortals and canoptek wraiths begin encircling in. This is where our game begins. The aim of the game was for the Adeptus Mechanicus to survive long enough in order to ward off the Necrons. If the Magos Dominus died then it would be major victory to the Necrons, if he survives, it is a major victory to the Adeptus Mechanicus. The game began with a dust storm covering the land reducing the range of all ranged weapons. The Wraiths dashed through the storm with ease ready to pounce on their prey. Meanwhile the immortals marched forwards laying down heavy gauss fire. The Adeptus Mechanicus fought bravely and defended their Mago Dominus (tech priest) to the last, but it was all to much for them. The Necrons however, pressed on their advantage and destroyed all before them. Not wasting any time the Necron force advanced on to their next objective.


Mission 2

With the xenoform structures under the Vrackian Dunes revealed, the Adeptus Mechanicus find themselves fighting a long dormant foe. As the leader of the Necron guardian force emerges from his seclusion, the Skitarii are hard pressed, Will their Knightly allies return in time to tip the balance………

Game 2 sees both the Necron and Adeptus Mechanicus pushing to the centre of the battlefield in order to capture the all important Black Stone. Unfortunately the Adeptus Mechanicus were still without their knightly allies and had to wait until later in the game for them to arrive. However the Necrons now had access to their helpful Cryptek and his Lychguard bodyguard.

In the first turn both the Adeptus Mechanicus and Necrons advanced forward towards the vital Black Stone, but with rocks collapsing around them some were trapped and the injured Magos Dominus from the last game began this game wounded. On the other hand the once dormant Necrons knew the landscape and were able to come off unscathed from the terrain. Shots were exchanged with the Aeptus Mechanicus taking major losses whereas the Necrons taking casualties but reanimating them back to the force. The speed of the wraiths was once again all too much for the Adeptus Mechanicus as they shredded their way through the robotics. The Armiger warglaives arrived too late for the poor Adeptus Mechanicus as there was no time for them to secure the Black Stone off of the necrons.



Mission 3

The stark truths hidden beneath the surface of Amontep II are being laid bare as the Adeptus Mechanicus seeks ever harder to capture its mineral bounty. The full scale of the Necron presence is becoming clear – but the Adeptus Mechanicus has faith, and faith can change the fate of worlds………………

The final remnants of the Adeptus Mechanicus patrol had managed to discover a final cache of Black Stone in the duned sands and it was up to the Magos Dominus to carry it to safety before the Necrons could sieze there hands on it to build more canoptek machines. The advantage was with the Necrons as their canoptek wraiths managed to use their speed in order to assault the Skitarii shredding them to pieces. The Armigers tried to support the helpless Magos trying to scramble away but with the canoptek Wraiths lurking,  it was too much and the Magos was slain. With his final departure orders came to the Armiger Warglaives to fall back and regroup with the rest of Knight House Raven, there will be another time to retake Amontep II but the defence of Mars was the first priority. On the other side, the Necrons now have a vast array of Black Stone and with this extra material they can now build more canoptek machinery. This was just the first remnants of the Necrons rising, there are still many more tomb worlds…….









All in all, I would recommend the Forgebane box set to anyone. These battle boxes are a great way of allowing you to play two completely new armies or to expand your already existing force. At £95 from Games Workshop you can’t go wrong, it is a massive saving before you consider the exclusive miniature. These two forces would go well with their respective start collecting sets, giving you a sizable army.

The games we played today were a blast and I believe the forces are well balanced. What the Adeptus Mechanicus lack in variety of units, they make up in with the Armiger Warglaives. It can be said that it is the same for the Necrons. What they lack in speed of their foot troops, the Canoptek wraiths can make be a vital unit in any army with their sheer versatility.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article as much as we have, please feel free to Like, Comment, Share and also Follow us as we continue our journey in this hobby…….thanks again.

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