The Ruins of Dras’Shiel Battle

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August 16, 2018 by Lee

This is day 2 of our annual trip to Warhammer World and this years feature game is an Age of Sigmar game played on a Games Workshops feature table, The Ruins of Dras’Shiel pictured below. We will be using the new Age of Sigmar Soul Wars as the core for both armies with a couple of extra units added in to bulk out the armies. A big thanks goes out to Mel for her hard work and dedication in painting both armies in a short period of time ready for this battle. Mel will do a follow up post on her Brush Strokes thread in the near future.


The Battlefield


It’s an early, autumn morning and the mist is hanging low across this ancient battlefield where many a blood had once been spilled. Knossus Heavesen (Lord Arcanum) leader of the Hallowed Knights Chamber looks out in to the mist from the ruins of the old observatory and can sense a large dark presence approaching. He turns to Zeraphina Heldensdottor (Knight Incantor ) and says “quick! gather our force and prepare, for we are about to be attacked”.

As the mist clears, Knossus Heavesen could see the forces advancing towards him, with only one realm gate left intact it seemed that this was Malendrek’s (knight of Shrouds) objective. By protecting this gate, it gives an opportunity for reinforcements to secure what’s left of the resources in the area. However, resources apart from dead bodies are not of much use to the Nighthaunt army and all they want to do is press on and destroy what is in their path………….


Knight of shrouds 2


For this battle we chose the Realm of Battle – Ghyran, The Realm of Life (page 258 of the rulebook). The only bit we didn’t use was option 2 of the Realmscape features table as we are not using Sylvaneth army. Below is the Battleplan we have come up with for this battle.

Warhammer World Battleplan

The Battle

As you can see from the battleplan the Nighthaunt objective was going to be tough to achieve and with the Stormcast Eternals forming a solid line of defence, the Nighthaunts were in for a rough ride.

The Nighthaunt army had the first turn and made good use of it, they advanced quickly and closed the gap towards the Stormcast. As we were playing in the Realm of Life we rolled at the start of the game for the effects of the realm. This roll was not good for the Stormcast as it prevented any army from making a Run move, but as the Nighthaunt army had the fly keyword this was no problem for them. The Stormcast tried to cast their endless spell with no effect, (this happened every turn until turn 5 when Jamie said that he would roll for it and magic it arrived).

The second turn seen the Nighthaunts again closing the ground and making good use of the charge. The ensuing melees were bloody, but the Stormcaast managed to hold their own by locking down the combats. The Stormcast shot their artillery and bows but only caused minor wounds to the Nighthaunts. However, the melees were now becoming quite bloody and casualties were starting to mount on both sides.

Turn 3 and 4 really seen the battle change, The Nighthaunts pressed for the objective and making good use of their own endless spell and other magic abilities. By this stage of the battle The Stormcast Eternals were trying to plug all the gaps the Nighthaunts had created, but their numbers were starting to dwindle. What didn’t help was part of the Stormcast force was deployed too far away and as they couldn’t run they would not get into action, they could only mop up the stragglers left behind.

The final turn seen the Nighthaunts have one last surge at trying to get off the table, but they were checked by the remnants of the main Stormcast force. By locking the Nighthaunts in combat it prevented them from reaching the Realmgate and subsequently ensured victory for the Stormcast Eternals. This victory however came at a cost, the Stormcast lost a lot of troops and would probably struggle to hold on to the objective if attacked again. The Nighthaunts although beaten this time would surely retreat and rise again.



Lord Executioner



Although we have played a few small demo games of Age of Sigmar 2nd edition, this was our first full on proper game and it didn’t disappoint. The rich depth in not only the armies but the lore behind the game makes this new edition a good game to play. What we all enjoyed about this particular game was the very different approaches and fighting styles each army had to offer. We are really glad we made the last minute decision to play Age of Sigmar as having both armies painted well and a good gaming table to play on is the very reason we all enjoy this hobby.

if you are interested in a brief video I took of the table then click here to view it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article as much as we have, please feel free to Like, Comment, Share and also Follow us as we continue our journey in this hobby…….thanks again.

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