Necromunda Round Robin Game

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August 15, 2018 by Lee

And so it begins, after an early start and stopping off on the way for breakfast we have finally arrived for our annual pilgrimage to Warhammer World Nottingham.

We kick our gaming marathon off with a few games of Necromunda. We have decided to play a round robin series of games with each of us playing at least one game against each other. We are fairly new to Necromunda and so taking it slow to make sure we learn the rules and what better place to learn then the company that produces it…..

The table we have chosen for our clashes today is a Warhammer World feature table Sector Mechanicus pictured below. We try to book the feature tables in advance of our trip in order to make sure they are available.

Necromunda Sector Mechanicus

Game 1

This first clash is against Lee’s House Goliath gang of the Ironlords. Led by the fearless leader Skullshank, this gang owns many of the great foundries in the underhive and its workers are the masters of the furnace. The Goliaths are huge brutes and are strong / tough but often stubborn and unbalanced.

Jamie’s The Cult of the Second Son, from the Genestealer Cult gang pdf which was free to download here from the Warhammer Community site. The Cult has been lurking deep within the underhive, running infiltration missions in order to sabotage the Imperium’s communications, waiting for the hive fleet to descend. Led by Skir Valka who has received transmissions that the hive fleet are on there way.

The battle commenced well for the Goliath’s who managed to take out one of the Neophyte Hybrids with the first shot of the game. This put the genestealer cult on the back foot as they realised they were fighting against a very tough opponent. Despite a brave attempt to retaliate, the might of the Goliaths was too much for the Genestealers to cope with. With a lot of casualties taken, the Genestealer Cult scurried back to the depths of the underhive, ready to regroup and attack a different opponent.

Lee 3 victory points, Jamie 0 victory points.

Game 2

The second skirmish consists of Mel’s House Escher gang led by Jelena the Carrion Queen herself. The house Escher gang is entirely made up of women whose skill in speed, pharmaceuticals and chemical manipulation makes them a threat to any who stand before them.

Going against these hive war-maidens is the Goliaths gang, brave after their initial victory over the Genestealer Cult.

The Escher gang started brave and had the Goliaths concerned. Taking advantage of their Chem benefits, they attempted a planned attack…………..the plan soon went wrong. With some attempts at brave moves by the Escher gang, the Goliaths soon had the upper hand with their shotguns and powerful weaponry. Being a combat force, the Goliaths soon made short work of the Eschers, pulverising them as much as possible before the Escher fled in defeat.

Lee 3 victory points,  Mel 0 victory points.

Game 3

This final clash is this mini round robin is between Mel’s House Escher gang and Jamie’s The Cult of the Second Son Genestealer Cult.

Still reeling from their defeats against the Goliaths, both the Escher and Genestealer advanced cautiously taking pop shots when they could. Disaster struck early for the Escher when one brave leap ended in one serious injury on the first move of the game. Both sides took aim and both sides missed many shots. Overwhelming odds were on the side of the Genestealers however as they moved through the Escher all guns blazing. The Escher held brave…..well, until the finally decided it was time to turn and run (not easy in high heels!!!)

Jamie 3 victory points,  Mel 0 victory points.


What can I say about Necromunda, it’s certainly a game that has a lot of tactical depth as a good portion of good luck. We all really enjoyed the games we played and certainly can’t wait to play some more back in the bunker. We did take some pictures, but the real issue with the gaming hall at Warhammer World is the poor lighting, shame as it’s the only thing that lets it down. What pictures we did take we have put a selection below to give you all the glimpse of the action.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article as much as we have, please feel free to Like, Comment, Share and also Follow us as we continue our journey in this hobby…….thanks again.

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