Unboxing Kill Team……more fantastic releases from GW


July 28, 2018 by Mel

We have all been waiting for this release for a while. Jamie has been trying to figure out how to build his kill team option while Lee has been thinking of what different teams to do. I think I probably knew what I wanted to do but not how to put my team together.  Well, today was the day of release when we could finally work out what to do.

Off we went to our local gaming store to pick up our pre releases and we couldn’t wait to get home and unbox……….so here we are.

The first impression was how heavy the box was. There is a lot of terrain included along with the base boards and the figures making this a really worthwhile set. The packaging was up to usual great standard we have become accustomed to from the latest GW releases.

The figures sprues look sound and we can’t wait to get them put together. The terrain sprues are really sturdy and well detailed.


Kill Team 1-7

Next in the box was the Core Rulebook and the additional books for the 2 factions.

Next we found the card packs. The card looked well detailed.

Finally all of the gubbins (dice, measure etc) and the play boards.

Kill Team 1-22

In addition to the Starter Box we also picked up the new terrain box set, Sector Mechanicas…………

…..the Ork Kill Team box…………

and the Space Wolves Kill Team box (my personal favourite)

Hope you’ve enjoyed the review. As ever I am looking forward to building and painting all these new shiny products and will get the pictures on here as soon as possible.

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One thought on “Unboxing Kill Team……more fantastic releases from GW

  1. Lee says:

    The quality of this box set is second to none and I certainly can’t wait to starting playing a campaign. 😀


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