AoS Soul Wars – The Unboxing


June 30, 2018 by Mel

Seriously, who didn’t go get the new Soul Wars box today ???  We definitely couldn’t wait. Having secured a really good deal from our local wargames supplier, we pre-ordered….well, everything 🙂

Today, like everyone else, we picked up our goodies and have done a few photos for those who haven’t had the chance to get theirs yet.

First of all, we have the Soul Wars box. A good sturdy box similar to the Dark Imperium set. Opening the box, we saw the awesome artwork on the surface and also in the inner box containing the sprues.

The sprues were packed in nicely. Looks like a lot of plastic and I can’t wait to start building.


Next in the box was the massive hardback Core Rulebook, along with the quickplay paperback pamphlets.



Digging deeper still and we find the unit cards. These are really good. Now in landscape format that you can actually see. A massive thumbs up to GW for this. I have shown examples of them below.

The box set is a fantastic buy, well worth the cost. The models are truly amazing (the nighthaunts being my personal favourite !!).  In addition, to the box set, we bought the Generals Handbook 2018, Malign Sorcery spells, Dice and combat gauge, Objectives, paints, and the additional box sets that were released today.

The Generals Handbook 2018

The Malign Sorcery spells

Dice Sets and Combat Gauge

Nighthaunt blister sets

Stormcast blister sets



New Paints


and finally a special unexpected gift was a couple of trackers for victory points and command points….just awesome.


Wow, with all this plastic goodness, best I go finish my other projects so I get started on these.  I will update on the Brush Strokes shortly how I’m getting with the challenge of getting everything done for our Warhammer World trip (which I have to say has just increased with this new release !!!)

If you enjoy our posts, please feel free to like, follow and comment below. Let us know if you also have the Soul Wars box set.

One thought on “AoS Soul Wars – The Unboxing

  1. Lee says:

    I must say that I thought the 40k Dark Imperium set was good, but the new Soul Wars set is just fantastic value for money. I really do believe that our hobby is in such a good place at the moment that all companies are trying to produce some first class products

    Liked by 1 person

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