Brush Strokes…what to do ?


June 18, 2018 by Mel

This week I have possibly 3 posts for you. This one being the first.

I have been really busy getting ready for our Warhammer World trip like I have said in a previous post, I have completed the ForgeBane set (to be shown in post number 3) and also finished Jamie’s Iron Warriors Renegade Knight (to be shown in post number 2).

For this post however, I need your help.Β  I am just starting the Blightwars set and we have come to a slight hitch, The Stormcast Eternals…… We have a dilemma in the painting scheme for these. You see, whatever we decide will be the paint scheme for the whole Stormcast army not just the Blightwars figures.Β  Here is the problem, Jamie would like the paint scheme in one way and Lee would like the paint scheme a different way. I’m not going to share who wants which and unlike the referee in tonight’s England game, I intend to remain impartial !!!Β  Here is where I need your help……

We have agreed that we will leave it to you fine people to decide on the paint scheme for the Battle Bunker Stormcast Eternal army. Please can you indicate on the poll below which of the 2 colour schemes we should do.

First up we have Scheme 1….the original Gold and Blue.

Alternative Choice is based on the Knights Templar.

Thanks for your votes, voting will close next Monday 25th June at 6pm U.K time.

If you enjoy our posts, don’t forget to like and feel free to drop in a comment. For now though…..happy painting πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Brush Strokes…what to do ?

  1. tidingsofwar says:

    Love that Knights Templar scheme

    Liked by 1 person

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