Cadia Stands 40k Game

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May 28, 2018 by Lee

Well, we finally played the Easter Game, in the middle of May….. ok, so typical of us.

With terrain to build and paint, figures to build and paint and not to forget the knights… Mel has certainly been busy preparing for our first big game of the year. Lee and Jamie created the theme of the game which was to be Cadia Stands. They created a fantastic Powerpoint presentation complete with music effects. With all this preparation, the game itself certainly had a lot to live up to.

The background narrative to the game followed the Fall of Cadia. I have put the pictures in this article in as a slideshow for a change, their are a few pictures in each slideshow so it may take a little bit longer to load. let me know if you like this format.

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The tables had been structured in the shape of a capital I. This represented the I of the Inquisition. The centre table housed the Fortress Redemption surrounded by a cityscape of Imperium buildings and terrain. This would make manoeuvring of vehicles very difficult. Without vehicles meant that the Fortress would have to be taken by the Astra Militarum infantry units.

The north and south tables were mud and grassland mats showing a barren type outland with rocky areas. The southern land held a landing pad with a Valkyrie.

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Richard, Josh and Regan had their own challenges in building and painting their own immense forces of the mighty Astra Militarum.

Just like Football, it was a game of two halves !!

The game started with the Downings splitting their force into three detachments, one of which would be kept in reserve. Richard’s force was held in reserve while Josh and Regan determined who was going to battle in the North and who would take on the south. Josh was taking on Farsight’s Eight (well, 7 of them) in the north while Regan was fighting the Deathskull Orks in the South.

In the north, after hearing nothing from the Tau Recon Commander, Farsight sent forth the mighty Riptide along with 2 broadsides. These were soon met by the oncoming advance of the Astra Militarum, led by a Lord Commissar and ‘Teddy’ the Techpriest. Seeing the storm of tanks approaching, the Tau called for Commander Farsight to reinforce the area. The Riptide, Broadsides, Farsight and Bodyguard didn’t hesitate in taking the fight to Imperial forces and made short work of many of the tanks. Before annihilating the advancing force, orders are received from Commander Shadowsun and Commander Farsight and his remaining forces teleport off to support Shadowsun in his impending campaign.

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Meanwhile in the South, Big Mek Buzzgob and his forces scavenge the area for any loot left after the Fall of Cadia. In his haste to collect as much shiny stuff as possible, Buzzgob doesn’t care much for posting outlooks and monitoring the area for enemy….what a mistake !!! A rumbling sound gets louder as the mighty tanks of the Astra Militarum force gain ground towards the City. In true Imperial style, the Militarum forces advance to the area led by a mighty Shadowsword. Buzzgob and his orks have been taken by surprise but now have a much better shiny target in their sights. The Ork Battlewagon and trukk come racing to the fight. However, the scrap machines and armour of the Orks are of no match to the might of the Imperium and grabbing all the scrap they can, Buzzgob and his remaining force return to their Space Hulk to kit bash more Dakka Dakka.

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And so we move on to the second half of the battle, the fight for the Fortress Redemption.

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The Astra Militarum are shocked by the sudden forces of the Chaos Marines holding the Fortress led by Belakor. One of the first challenges facing the Guard are three mighty Knights of Chaos. Well, they certainly proved to be the first targets of the Militarum forces.

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Unfortunately for Jamie, Richard had many of his tanks lined up, all focussing their fire on his knight, Jamie stood no chance to all that firepower. Mel’s knight lasted slightly longer, putting some strong shots out with the huge battle cannon however, it was short lived and the knight succumbed to the immense firepower of the Leman Russ. Lee’s knight was lucky in being positioned slightly back from the front line with a unit of Marines in the front building being more of a focus to Regans tanks.

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In turn 2, the Chaos reinforcement arrived. Mel’s Obliterators doing some serious damage to the Shadowsword and the Command section. Lee took the final shots at the Shadowsword, leaving it a burning wreck. Jamie focussed what was left of his force on Richards command section.

The game continued with a huge amount of gunfire, the Astra Militarum not wanting to advance forward to retake the Fortress due to the Chaos holding the area. However, this was all to change in turn 3 where in a freak incident (written into the tactics of the game), the warp opened up and swallowed many of the Chaos units. Well, this certainly turned the tide of the battle.

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Suddenly the Astra Militarum were able to start their advance on retaking the Fortress. The defending Chaos were taking serious punishment and eventually succumbed to the overwhelming Astra Militarum force.

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The game certainly played out as we anticipated. It was great to have narrative to the game. Unfortunately, 40k can get a little stale in doing pick up games with no real purpose, however as we saw with this game, with effort and imagination you can really feel you are on the battlefield, picking up that Bolter and taking the fight to the enemy. Narrative gaming is definately the way to go, creating that atmosphere and having a reason for battle. This game was the start of a narrative campaign that will grow over time. The campaign is not pre-written and we will see where the story takes us, a bit like Dungeons and Dragons on a large scale !!

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed this battle report as much as we have. Until next time, please feel free to Like, Comment, Share and also Follow us as we continue our journey in this hobby…….thanks again.

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