Salute 2018


April 15, 2018 by Lee

Salute this year seemed to go by in a flash. I came away from the show this year with a sore throat after talking to so many different people, who were very enthusiastic about what they are doing.

My thanks must go out to all the people who put on games at the show as they were spectacular. Not only that they were so different from each other even if they were the same period etc. I took a few photos but I struggled to get some of every table as it was so busy this year that getting around tables and traders stands was difficult.

So I have selected a few which I hope you all will enjoy. I will write a bit later on my thoughts of the show but before that enjoy the pictures.

Some of the 4Ground tables


4Ground Star Wars Game Salute 2018 (2)


Leicester Phat Kats – Blood & Plunder




Toofatlardies & Reisswitz Press

Toofatlardies (2)


What a Tanker – A new set of rules released from the toofatlardies and it went down a storm at Salute. Young and old were playing together to try to see who was the best tank crew. The game was packed all day but I was very lucky to grab a few words with Nick. I ask how it was going with the rules only being released this week and he was overwhelmed and humbled by the response from the community. I think these couple of pictures certainly show how excited people were playing it. I have bought the rules and I will do a small review / battle report soon.

The picture below is a 15mm Napoleonic game using General D’ Armee rules. I have to say the table looked very good and the painted miniatures were superb. I have Pickett’s Charge rules which I like, but I have not tried these rules yet.

General d Armee

This next set of pictures I hope you enjoy as much as I did seeing it. It’s a 40mm ACW battle, I didn’t manage to speak with the guys who put it on I’m sorry. On the second picture the Downing crew never miss a photo opportunity.

40mm ACW.JPG

40mm ACW (2)



Again this WW2 set up I thought was superb and worth showing to you all.



This next set of WW2 pictures was winter Ardennes game, again the pictures don’t do the game justice. Looking at the game it really did feel cold.



Below was a really nice 28mm American horse and musket game, again this game looked great.

Horse & Musket Game.JPG

Horse & Musket Game (2)


The last couple of pictures is from a AWI game using Black Powder. Again I thought this looked good as I bought some Wargames Foundry AWI figures at the show to use with Sharpe Practice from the toofatlardies.


As I said this is only a tip of the iceburg of the games that was put on by various people and clubs etc.

My final thoughts on the Salute 2018.

First off, organising a show of this size is a mammoth task and my thanks goes to the team of the South London Warlords for putting on another great show. I do have a couple of minor niggles about the show and I will get these out of the way.

The lighting in the venue this year seemed very poor to the point that I was getting eye strain trying to look at the stands. It seemed lighter in the holding hall compared to the main venue hall. This is strange as the venue halls are all the same.

There is nowhere near enough seating in the main food thoroughfare, this meant people were sitting on the floor in the main walkways. I think this could be resolved by putting more seating / tables in the holding hall once the queue for the show had dissipated as this was empty afterwards.

If any of the South London Warlords are reading this, I felt this year more so than any other year that the traders seemed to be even more cramped together. This made getting in to look at their wares very difficult at times. The walkways between the rows was excellent, very spacious however, this left less space for the traders themselves.

This year Salute 2018 seemed to be the busiest for a while, I think this was helped by having the show not on the same weekend as the London Marathon. Hopefully this can happen more in the future as it made booking a hotel a lot easier.

It was pleasing to see some new faces trader wise at Salute this year and great to catch up with old friends and regulars. It never ceases to amaze me that our little hobby of toy soldiers was once thought of as a geeky thing to do, now has grown into a international community. What is really pleasing me the most at the moment is to see women and the younger generation getting involved in our hobby which we need for it to survive.

A final food for thought, we all wish Salute was held over two days and not one as there is never enough time to do and see everything. once again thanks to South London Warlords for making this show happen and we will see you all next year.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Please feel free to Like, Comment, Share and Follow us as we continue our journey in this hobby…….

4 thoughts on “Salute 2018

  1. Barry Hilton says:

    Nice to see you and your wife yesterday Lee. Good report, thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nakchak says:

    Gutted i couldnt attend this year, salute really does need to be a two dayer its just too manic for one day, main reason why i prefer games expo to salute now as a show to go to, doing it over 3 days is so much more civilized, plus i find it easier to be responsible with my plastic if i have 3 days to consider do i melt it or not 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee says:

      Ha ha your not wrong Nakchak. We went to Historicon a couple of years ago, where we met Barry Hilton and Clarence Harrison. I think the format for that show is a lot better than ours, for instance. The trader Hall and the bring & buy are only open for a limited time throughout the day. This means the games take front stage, you could book a place at a game from a very long list of games or turn up at the table in hope you can get in. Being over a few days allows everyone a chance to do what they want to and try different games. 😀

      Liked by 2 people

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