Brush Strokes 25/03/18


March 25, 2018 by Mel

Well, I know it’s been an absolute age since I updated what I’ve been doing.  Well, the truth is I couldn’t put on here what I had been working on as it is all a big surprise for our big game planned for May. However, now I have completed all of that (I promise I will add pictures after the big game), I have done some other work to show you.

First is the fantastic figure from Games Workshop of Keldrek, Knight of Shrouds.  I was inspired to build and paint this figure after seeing the one painted by Richard. I hope you like my version of the figure.

DSC_0130 (1)

DSC_0131 (1)

Next up is a project also for May. We have booked our tickets for Warhammer Fest for the Sunday only and decided to take a pilgrimage to Warhammer World, Nottingham on the Saturday to make a weekend of it. Having deliberated over what to play while we are up there, we finally decided on Necromunda.  And so this week I have building and painting up the first faction from the core box game, the mighty Goliath gang. Lee will be playing these until I manage to finish his Orlocks.

And so there we are, a brief update as to what’s been on my painting table over the last week or so. This week I will be painting the next gang, Jamie’s Genestealer Cult, and after that will be my Escher Gang, I can’t wait.   Until next time, happy painting 🙂

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One thought on “Brush Strokes 25/03/18

  1. Lee says:

    These are well painted, the pictures are good but they look better looking at them directly. Looking forward to my Orlocks.

    Liked by 1 person

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