Heroes of Black Reach – Drop Zone Demo Game

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February 25, 2018 by Lee

Today we see our first venture into Devil Pig Games Heroes of Black Reach using the Drop Zone demo pack. The battle today was between Jamie and Lee, Jamie playing the poster boys Ultramarines and Lee playing the green horde of the Orks. The report will not go through the rules as they are pretty similar to the Heroes of Normandie, but we will provide “hopefully”, a fun pictorial battle.

The first picture below shows the battle board and the deployment of both forces. The second picture shows just some of the units we were using. As you can see the Orks outnumber the Space Marines as you would expect, like it does in the miniatures game.


The mission was played over 6 turns and each side had to have as many units within the 4 centre squares. If it was a draw then the victory would go to the side which scored the most victory points by destroying unit groups.



Jamie had the initiative and so meant he could activate a unit first. All units with order counters made their moves on both sides and then the rest of the units got to move. This is done by the initiative player first and then the other player. No shooting or combat happened in the first turn.



With all order counters placed on the units we wanted to activate, Lee had the initiative.


Turn 2 sees most of the basic game mechanics in action. This was shooting marked by the arrows in the pictures, melee combat and unit losses. This being said we did make a mistake in the turn in a combat round. this was when we fought a second round of combat which we thought destroyed both units, however this would not have been the case as after the first round of combat the units return to their starting points. With all the shooting and melee combat the dice certainly played its part, for better or worse..



This concluded turn 2 and below was the final moves of the rest of the units.



Jamie had initiative for this turn and saw both sides jockey for position, taking advantage of shooting / combat where we could. Jamie however, threw a grenade into 2 units of shootas and a Boss leader. The 2 Shoota units were destroyed and the Boss leader managed to survive.

This concluded turn 3 and below was the final moves of the rest of the units. At the end of the turn Lee had lost enough slugga units to break it and Jamie gained 6 points.



Lee had the initiative for the turn. Again this turn followed very closely to turn 3 in that a lot of shooting / combat happened. Loosing a valuable slugga group meant Lee had to make good this turn. Jamie threw another grenade but Lee countered by playing the card Return to Sender. This placed the grenade back towards Jamies unit 1 space, unfortunately nobody was hurt. During this turn Lee managed to destroy one of Jamie’s leaders which gain 4 points. By the end of the turn Lee had consolidated around the objective.

This concluded turn 4 and below was the final moves of the rest of the units.



Jamie’s Initiative to this turn. This was a bloody round for both sides, units trying to hold on to the objective as best they could. This was the that really saw the last gasp charges from both sides. Lee suffered the most losses in this turn by losing to many shoota boyz and in turn broke the unit. This gave Jamie a further 8 points.

This concluded turn 5 and below was the final moves of the rest of the units.



Lee’s initiative for this turn, but unfortunately Jamie played a card which stole it for the first activation. This was bad luck for Lee as he needed to do as much damage to Jamie’s forces to try and gain some more victory points. The turn seen both sides charging try to force each other off the objective but both sides rolled very poor and Lee didn’t manage to get that all important victory points. The turn ended with both sides having the same amount of units on the objective and so it came down to victory points. Lee had 4 points and Jamie had 14 victory points. Congratulations Jamie……


WOW…. This was a blast to play and if the full game is anything like this demo pack I think we will be in for a great game. The game saw both sides rolling high and low and the cards certainly add in a little flavour. I was concerned how Devil Pig were going to make this game different from the Heroes of Normandie. Well this game does play differently and at the same time share some of the same traits. The difference in unit stats and weapon options all add to scale of the game, but one thing Devil Pig did add in was the Space Marines and a couple of Ork units having a saving throws. This made the game feel dramatic as the Ork force outnumbered the Space Marines in units, but that save really helped the marines. All in all we are looking forward to the main game and start playing through the campaign.

To see an introduction to the Heroes of Normandie WW2 game by Devil Pig Games then please click here….

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief report, please feel free to comment, click the like and follow us as we continue on our journey in this hobby…….

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