Heroes of Black Reach – Drop Zone

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February 22, 2018 by Lee


For those of you who didn’t know, the contract between Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games has come to an end last year. What does this mean, well no longer will Fantasy Flight games make or support any more products using Games Workshops IPs.


You can certainly see why Fantasy Flight Games chose this as they have done a deal with Disney to produce Star Wars Legion. What can we read from that, well, in my opinion I think Fantasy Flight Games feels Star Wars is a bigger franchise and it can make more money from that IP and good luck to them, (we have ordered 2 copies).


What does this mean for us gamers? Well this means that other games companies can now certainly buy in to Games Workshops huge IPs and create games for us to play. One such company doing this is Devil Pig Games. Who are Devil Pig Games? Devil Pig Games are a expanding French games company who have produced many board games notably Heroes of Normandie. If you haven’t seen it before then check out our brief introduction to the game in the Other Games section. Being a fan of Heroes of Normandie and a fan of the new 8th edition 40k I was totally blown away with the collaboration between the two companies to produce Heroes of Black Reach. Normally Devil Pig Games have gone to Kickstarter to get crowdfunding to support the development of their games, but they didn’t this time and I would expect that was a clause GW had put in.


In the build up to the game being released Devil Pig Games has done a Drop Zone kit, which is an introductory demo of the game. That’s not to say you can’t use the pieces in the full game, on the contrary, as all the units, cards and counters will be able to mix in. Also in the build up to the game being released is GW has been advertising the full Heroes of Black Reach in their White Dwarf and this current edition comes free a leader for each side. Worth picking up if you intend on getting the game…


So, I have been waiting since last August when I pre ordered the game which included this Drop Zone kit to arrive. Sadly the main game does release until April, but having this Drop Zone kit certainly wet the appetite for moment. We plan on playing through the scenarios at the weekend and will of course put up an overview of the gameplay. But until  then we thought you would enjoy the pictures of what’s in the demo kit.


Play mat

Drop Zone

Oh and I have included a picture of the Heroes that came in this months White Dwarf below, which are still in the packet…..


I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief report, please feel free to comment, click the like and follow us as we continue on our journey in this hobby…….

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