Legends of Fabled Realms Playstesting


February 21, 2018 by Lee

Well, what a past few weeks its been since Christmas.

We have decided to do a large 40k game for Easter, but due to unfortunate circumstances we have had to postpone the game until May. We will of course talk more about this game nearer the time, but suffice it to say the Downing crew are amassing a large Astra Militarum force to face off against, well you will have to stay tuned……….



So while all of that is going on in the background, Jamie, Mel and myself have been assisting our good friends over at 4Ground with playtesting their “The Legends of Fabled Realms” and getting the game ready for the Beta weekend they are doing over at Beasts of War. Recently we introduced Richard to the game and some of the photos you will see is us over at 4ground with Richard and myself playing demoing the game and Jamie overseeing Richard with help learning to play.



For those of you who don’t know, 4Ground had run a very successful Kickstarter campaign in the summer of last year and they have not stopped planning, design and testing ever since. I will give a very brief overview of the game as where it is currently and our experience playing it.



So What is The Legends of Fabled Realm?

You find yourself in the Fabled Realms of the Tueden League and their wider world. For more than eight decades these lands have been at relative peace with only regional conflicts to disturb the citizens of the League. But all that has changed, as now there is a general call to arms. News from Fellendorf is of the most dire imaginable. In the last few weeks reports from Broggenbridge have said many Druggoi have gathered their minions to roam well beyond Daldorr. Taking command of your warband, in the early days of what will become known as the 3rd Druggoi Incursion, you will fight against numerous foes.

So as you can gather from the text above, The Legend of Fabled Realms is skirmish game set in a fantasy world with each player commanding between 5 to 30 models. Currently the successful kickstarter managed to unlock 4 factions, these are –

  • The Eightfold Path – The Holy Militant Order of The Eightfold Path is a band of religious warriors formed from a civilian army that fought in the 2nd Druggoi incursion. Led by the Ascended, people who have consumed the blood of a Druggoi and instead of being corrupted by the curse they have been blessed by Mother.
  • The Druggoi – The Druggoi Covens are made up of creatures afflicted by the Dragoul Curse. These creatures are in most cases little more than beasts, as the curse destroys their mental faculties while changing their physical proportions. But these are not the living dead, these are beasts that can be killed. There are among them those that have kept their mental faculties. Sentient, smart, cruel, these are the Druggoi.
  • The Mordanburg State Guard – The Mordanburg City Watch is the state army for the City State of Mordanburg, they patrol areas and can be found anywhere from dark wooded paths to the streets of the Portsoken district of Mordanburg.
    Mordanburg equips its standard soldiers with back and breast or mail shirts. These men and women are armed with either polearm (halberd, bills etc.) or bow and arrows. Many of the members of the city watch come from the varied races that inhabit the city and you will find human bowmen and billmen, dwarf billmen and Gnome archers are common amongst their ranks.
  • The Sell Sword Guild – Sell Swords can be mercenaries, bandits and rogues that have banded together to make some coin. They are a mix of races including elves, dwarves, gnomes, goblins, orcs and humans. They are equipped with functional gear normally bought at their own expense, so it isn’t uncommon to see a leader of a Sell Sword band in Tueden plate with a Gnomian sword or great sword while the common men in the group will be in a padded jack with only a shield and hand axe for equipment.
    Sell Swords work all over the Fabled Realms so they may carry more exotic versions of weapons that would be common, be it Ironwood Swords, Langa Bidents or Akivan Kukris. Their equipment is a lot more utilitarian than any other faction, if it doesn’t stop you from dying or kill some one else quicker then it isn’t worth having… well unless it’s a trophy, there’s always room for trophies in the mind of many a Sell Sword.


How do I get started in the game ?

  • Starting with say a starter set each player will select a faction from those listed above and you will have 500 gold to spend on building your warband. From there you will choose a leader to lead your warband and then choose henchmen for him to lead. One of the nice things about creating your warband is a Faction Specific Legacy Rules system where each faction recruits differently, treats captives differently and sometimes creates heroes in different ways to other factions.
  • The game uses standard coloured six sided dice, but each colour is worth a value and also hits and crits on different scores.
  • The game uses cards known as ability cards. These ability cards are additional skills, abilities and training that your characters can call upon during the game. Before the game you will create a deck and each turn draw a number of cards.


How do I play the game ?

  • Once you have created your warband and you have someone to play against, you roll for the scenario. From that each hero in your warband can generate Momentum tokens. These tokens are used throughout the turn to activate and react with units or models. The game does not use a U go I go system and the use of the momentum tokens really make you feel in command of your warband. One of the fun things in the game is if say I am the active player and I activate a unit to move twice using 2 momentum tokens and you think you could get a shot in at me or charge me or even move out of the way, then we agree this is a conflicting action and we roll for priority using our situational awareness. The winner of this chooses the order of how the actions happen.
  • Melee is worked out in a priority order, then each models melee stat will have coloured dice depending on their level and whatever weapon they are using. You roll your attack dice and check the number of hits / crits from the roll. Then the target will roll an armour save based on the armour they have (if they have armour) against the number of hits. Any unsuccessful saves will result in wounds taken.
  • Shooting is very similar to melee in how its worked out, but it also has things like LoS, reloadable weapons, cover etc.
  • Morale is done through fear tokens based on the wounds the unit has suffered.


As this is a Fantasy game is there any magic ?

  • No fantasy game in my opinion should be without magic. But in The Legends of Fabled Realms they use the term Magika. Their are a number of Magika schools a character can learn from but this is based on their background and their locations within Fabled Realms. Each Magika school has their own deck of cards with abilities and only allow characters to use the ability card with the keyword  of the Magika school they have learned.



So that is a very, very brief overview of the game. I have to say I have been blown away by the passion the guys at 4ground have put into this game and I am glad to have been part of it for the past 4 years and see it grow. The simple change with the dice recently I think has made the game more accessible to a wider audience. Also after speaking with the guys recently and I know they won’t mind me saying this, is that when the game is released you will be able to download the rules and cards for free from their website. This I think is a great way to get the game out there as you can also use the miniatures you have in your own collections or kit bash some together, but if you want to go for dedicated miniatures then you can’t go wrong with the miniature line they are producing along with printed cards, sleeves, faction dice printed rulebook etc. But more importantly lets not forget what 4ground are known for and that is their pre primed MDF terrain which will support The Legends of Fabled Realms game.



Good luck and I hope all goes well for you all at the Beta weekend at Beasts of War and you enjoy the game as much as we have so far. I wish I could have been there sharing the experience but work has got in the way. Please give the guys there your feedback and opinions as they are always open to listening to new ideas.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief report, please feel free to comment, click the like and follow us as we continue on our journey in this hobby…….


4 thoughts on “Legends of Fabled Realms Playstesting

  1. Mel says:

    It certainly has been a blast on this journey so far. We have all massively enjoyed the roller coaster ride it has been…..and it’s not over yet.
    Good luck to the guys this weekend, wish we were there with you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nakchak says:

    great overview guys, hope i bump into you next time i make it to a gaming night at 4ground hq!

    one of the things i love is how the terrain gets rules, and i cant wait to start “gaming in the gaps” in the fabled realms, really want to do some dungeon crawling as the momentum mechanic could lead to some very “flowy” combat, and well the stoic arms is the perfect setting for some character development inbetween delves 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee says:

      Yeah I’m sure we will meet up at some point.

      Gaming in the gaps in Fabled Realm would be awesome, the possibilities will keep you going for a while. Your right the momentum mechanic could be used to good effect in that setting, also I think you could play the game one sided with a DM controlling the enemy. 👍😁

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nakchak says:

        that would rock, would be like a replayable dungeon saga/modern wh:quest, always loved building/investing in a single character, really looking forward to this weekend, have a habit of rolling erratically and breaking things 😉


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