Flames of War Late War Battle Report


December 29, 2017 by Lee

We have been planning on doing a Flames of War game for some time now, but things just seemed to take over or it got forgotten. So after getting the new late war book and the British & German unit cards for Christmas this seemed the perfect time to try the new rules out.

Both forces were about 1300pts each give or take. The British force was as follows –

  • Rifle Company HQ
  • 3 x Rifle platoons at full strength
  • Vickers MMG platoon with 4 MMGs
  • 3″ Mortar platoon with 4 mortar

In the support role was –

  • Sherman tank troop, 3 x Shermans and 1 x Firefly
  • 2 x Typhoon planes (these were a pain in the backside throughout the game)


The German force against them were –

  • Rifle Company HQ
  • 3 x Rifle Platoons with 2 upgraded to panzerfaust / Smg hqs and with 1 base of Panzerschrek. All other infantry platoons were just plain rifle / mg teams.
  • 3 x Pak 40 Anti tank platoon

In support of this force was –

  • 3 x Panzer IVs
  • 2 x Sdkfz flakverlings
  • 1 x Infantry platoon
  • 2 x 234/1 A/C


(Disclaimer) Both of these forces may not have been totally correct in force make up, but they were the only models I have painted at the time.

With the forces and table all set, using mainly 4grounds mdf buildings, it was time to roll some dice to decide which battle we were going to play. We rolled for the Encounter mission, this is where we had to deploy 2 objectives in each opposing deployment areas and it also had delayed scattered reserves. We had to divide our forces up with no more than 60% of the army points getting deployed on the table. The rest of the units would be coming on to the table hopefully in later turns, by rolling dice and scoring 5+ on the relevant dice to bring on a reserve unit.


 (Sorry for the sun and shadows, the sun burst out just as I took the shot, this shot is from the British view point)

The game flowed very cautiously to start with as each side was working out what each unit could now do in the rules. One of the new changes is the different movement orders, this allowed units to move quicker in different situations but at penalties to either shooting or assaulting or both.

The British had a very solid defense with the centre covered by dug in MMG platoon supported by 1 infantry platoon. On their left was 1 infantry platoon and the same was on the right. The German objectives to capture were in the centre of the British deployment and by the church on the British right.

The Germans had started with 2 infantry platoons, one on their right hand side and the other on the left. They also had the 3 Pak 40 Anti tank platoon deployed, one on the right hand hill and the other 2 towards the centre. The British objectives were towards the right and left hand sides of the deployment zone.

The Germans were the attacking force in the game and took this to heart with an early decision to push both flanks with their infantry. The British laid Artillery fire on the Pak 40’s keeping them pinned down.

On turn 3, we were able to start rolling for reserves, the Germans first bringing in their armoured cars. These were set to racing up their right hand flank to cause havoc to the British infantry. The British responded by bringing in their mortars, choosing the first turn to dig in. Lee advanced the German left hand platoon towards the objective with Mel also pushing the British left side with infantry. These were pinned down by fire from the German infantry and the armoured cars, causing them to fall back.


The reserves kept coming with the German tanks rolling in through the centre of the table, closely followed by Mel’s tanks. Lee managed to knock out one of the Sherman’s while Jamie successfully kept the infantry well pinned with fire from both his infantry and anti-tank guns. Mel’s tanks returned fire on the German’s causing all three to be destroyed (I’m sure that’s not how it really happened !!). Lee launched an assault with the left hand infantry by the church, Mel retaliated with both sides ending in a stalemate. Meanwhile, each turn, Mel’s aircraft was menacing the German side, a successful rocket running leading to the demise of the German Commander.


Whilst this battle was ongoing, Jamie was advancing through the town with his infantry, sneaking shots through to the machine gun and mortar teams, supported by the armoured cars. Both left and right flanks moved in with a pincer movement to attacked both objectives at the same time in a classic German manoeuvre. Unfortunately for Lee, his infantry was thwarted by the British bulldog resilience. Jamie came head to head with the mortars sending them running for the hills only to then turn his attention to the machine gun teams on the hill.

The final couple of turns in the game seen the Germans get the last of their reserves. In a pivotal moment in the game, it was up to Mel to bring in the last aircraft attack on the German 2iC in order to bring the game to a close, unfortunately not this time though and aircraft roll failed her. As a result, the Germans were able to make the final push on the remaining British who’s bulldog spirit ran out through the overwhelming odds against them. A well earned German victory !!


The game flowed relatively easy with our first time using the v4 rules. The unit cards certainly made a massive difference in helping us speed through the game. It seemed that the changes made have certainly made for a better game. I think the game has encouraged us to get more of our forces up together for some bigger battles to come. My only drawback to the game, and it is a trade of between speed and complexity, is that the tanks don’t have individual machine gun values, as in 3rd edition, there was a distinction between pintle, co-ax and hull machine guns. This is no longer the case. All in all, this is only a minor drawback.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief battle report, please feel free to click the like and follow us as we continue on our journey in this hobby….

2 thoughts on “Flames of War Late War Battle Report

  1. Ryan says:

    This was a great battle report. I felt like I was on the battlefield. I may have to do some battle reports myself.

    Liked by 1 person

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