Christmas Game with 4Ground


December 23, 2017 by Lee

2017 has been a very strange year……..

For a number of years now I’ve plotted and planned the Christmas game for the Battle Bunker Group, but this year I needed a break. I found that I was getting to burn out stage, not because I was despondent with the hobby, more to do with I felt not being able to give it the 110% effort that I normally do. So, after last years Christmas Game I asked Richard would he mind doing this years group game and I was very pleased when Richard agreed to take on the mantle.

So this has left me twiddling my thumbs and in a very strange place and not knowing what the Christmas game will be is very exciting.

In order to satisfy my need to run a game, last week I held a quick play game of Sharps Practice by the Toofatlardies over at the 4ground factory. After seeing the game it sparked an interest from both Ben and Cad. Ben decided that I should run a game for them this week  here in the Bunker.

In a moment of panic I realised my knowledge of the rules was a little lacking and so I invited Josh round mid week for a run through of the game. Okay, so now my knowledge was a little better and ready for Saturday nights game.

And so here we are………


After a very nice dinner we all retired to the Bunker to do battle. The sides were split up as follows – Union, Jamie, Cad and Emma. Confederate, Mel, Ben and Hellyn.

The game started off slowly for the Union with not getting the cards to be able to deploy their units, whereas, the Confederates were tripping over themselves on deployment. So after a few turns in the game things were moving at a pace. Bens skirmisher unit was feeling very brave when they went forward only to be met by excellent fire from Emma’s Union unit. From this the skirmish unit was driven off the table forcing the Rebels to start losing army morale with a loss of a leader and unit.


Jamie supported Cads artillery piece allowing it to stay in the fight causing shock on the confederate units to its front. Although Cads dismounted cavalry were in a bad place, his leader was wounded and was unable to provide any command to his unit. The centre became a mosh pit of Confederate units still struggling to move in any fashion.


Time was ticking on and we ended the game with a minor Union victory. Everyone enjoyed themselves with endless amounts of banter and trash talk being thrown in all directions. But more importantly everyone is now terrified of Emma’s dice rolling……..


Thanks to everyone for making it a great evening, see you all again soon in the new year.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief write up then please feel free to click the like and follow us as we continue on our journey in this hobby….



One thought on “Christmas Game with 4Ground

  1. Mel says:

    Amazing evening as ever. Thanks to everyone for making it such a great evening and thanks to Lee for hosting the game. Looking forward to the next one.

    Liked by 1 person

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