Heroes Of Normandie Brief Introduction

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September 3, 2017 by Lee

This post is by no means a full on review, nor is it guide for teaching you how to play the game. This post is more of a brief introduction about the game if you have not seen it before. So what is Heroes of Normandie ?

Heroes of Normandie by Devil Pig Games is a wargame in the tradition of classic Hollywood movies.

This is a brief description from their site….

Just beyond the Normandy Coast in the beautiful summer of 1944… The sun shines, the daisies bloom, the hedgerows stand tall. Early in the morning, distant machine guns chatter sporadically, and the boom of distant explosions rumble in the sky. Thousand of men battle one another and die, in bravery or in cowardice, as Heroes or simply as men.
In our story, we leave out the extras and focus in on the Heroes who populate the classic Hollywood war movies, from the supporting actors up to the stars. A Bridge Too Far, The Longest Day, Patton, Kelly’s Heroes, Saving Private Ryan. These films are our inspirations, and this is what we have given you in Heroes of Normandie!


I received the latest Compendium Kickstarter from Devil Pig Games this week and thought why not try out the latest rules in a weekend of Heroes of Normandie games, after all, it has been some time that we have played the game.

We decided that we would only use the basic box for the games we had planned, although we do have every Heroes of Normandie add on. The first game we played did take a little while to run through some of the mechanics which we had forgot. This made for a lot of fun thinking some of our units could do things which in fact turned out they couldn’t.

Setting up a game is fairly simple and one of the best ways to get started is by using the Scenario booklet that comes in the box. This has a number of missions, from a basic 2 play boards with a platoon tile per side, up to 6 play boards with a large force on each side.


One of the base missions in the book is where you each have a basic platoon tile which displays your force per side and 2 play boards. Each board in divided up into squares and these are used to move your units around the battlefield and for ranged in shooting.

The U.S force in this mission was :-

  • 1 x LT
  • 1 x Recon Team
  • 1 x Fire Team
  • Support Team

The German force was :-

  • 1 x Officer
  • 1 x Recon Group
  • 2 x Fire Groups

Both forces would a halftrack in a later turn. On each of the units they have all the stats you will need to operate them from :-

  1. Movement – how many squares they can move
  2. Defence – the base value used from being targeted in shooting
  3. Attack Values – these are plus or minus, even zero values when targeting Infantry, Light Vehicles or Heavy Vehicles.
  4. Many other icons depending on the unit type


The idea of this first mission is to locate a parachute from a fallen comrade and retrieve a case full of important plans etc. There are 5 locations and during the course of the game you have to roll to see which of these is the correct one.

At the start of the turn you place order counters including a blank bluff counter on your units in the order you want them to activate. Activating units is very straight forward, play alternates each turn with who has the initiative and they play their number 1 order token. This is followed by the other player playing their number 1 token and son on until all order tokens have been revealed. Units that were not given an order token can move only in the end phase of the turn and this is done by alternating each side a unit at a time.

This is a very straight forward scenario as it gets you to learn how your units move and fight as well as bringing a light vehicle to add a little spice. To help you during the course of a game, you have a deck of 40+ cards in which you draw a hand size of 4 cards. These cards can help you with all kinds of events / bonuses to complete the mission.

In a more complex mission the use of primary and secondary objectives are placed on the play area, also each group of units destroyed gives the other player victory points


Once you are comfortable with the system and you have played all the scenarios then you might want to come up with your own. This can them be done to a historical or Hollywood setting, or it can be done using a points system. So either way you are not just limited to the base box game.

Oh, on top of the base game Devil Pig Games also produce a D Day Scenario pack with tiles and units etc. As well as various other units / Scenario packs all set around the Normandy campaign.


Needless to say we all had a blast…… This was a very fun weekend and a refreshing change to playing a lot of 40K at the moment (well, that is until the Heroes of Black Reach version arrives to us). We had some great laughs rolling poorly or having victory taken away from us at the last action of a game.

Heroes of Normandie has so much to offer gamers, even if your not into the period. If you want to know more about this game then check out YouTube for videos on the board game and the interactive game for the PC, ios and android devices.


To see a small demo of Devil Pig Games Assault on Black Reach 40k version of the Heroes system then please click here…..

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