Brush Strokes


September 1, 2017 by Mel

I know, I know….. I have been really slack at posting for Brush Strokes. This doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything, I promise.

As you will have seen from our Warhammer World visit, I needed to paint many of those units and vehicles in the lead up to the trip. Take a look at the posts to see what was done (I especially loved painting the Ork Battlewagon 🙂 ).

ORK1 (2)

Well, my painting focus at the moment is on our Team Yankee vehicles. My first batch is my German vehicles. Completed are 10 Leopards, 5 Marders and 2 Gepards. I really enjoyed painting these as it was a great excuse to get the airbrush out again.  Hope you like the pictures.


Next on my list are Jamie’s Soviets…….OMG there seems to be dozens of them !!  I promise I will post pictures of them once they’re done. After that it’s on to Lee’s Brits.

We have Shaun from Little Ninja Painting doing the infantry for us shortly.

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my work this week. If so, don’t forget to hit the like button. Also, feel free to follow our blog.

Back to the paint table and we’ll post again soon

One thought on “Brush Strokes

  1. Lee says:

    Those Germans have come up well

    Liked by 1 person

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