This is Not a Test……


August 30, 2017 by Mel

What better to do on holiday than get a few minis on the table ??  Well, that’s exactly what we thought for this week.  We have done a couple of varied games but this one we haven’t played for a while……This is Not a Test by Worlds End Publishing. This post apocalyptic game is just full of twists and turns, it certainly keep you on the edge of your seat.

Jamie was playing the Peacekeepers while I had the Bandits. Whilst I managed to win the initiative on turn 1, it was certainly short lived….I failed my first activation 😦




The first and second turn was bartering back and forth and wasn’t really very successful for either of us, as we concentrated on getting to good cover positions. At the start of turn 3, neither of us had taken a shot and had to roll to see who would be forced to shoot taking a negative hit modifier to the victory points. Unfortunately Jamie lost to this one leaving him at a -2 to start with.




A lucky shot from my Leader brought down one of Jamie’s peacekeepers bringing me into the lead. With my luck, this wouldn’t last.

As anticipated and not wanting this trend to continue, Jamie was ruthless with the attack and saw off my Leader in an act of vengeance. One of his men armed with a rifle had taken a roof top vantage point and made short work of my raider.




The following turns were all about getting stuck in melee. My mutant made a run for it and attacked Jamie’s leader…..what a mistake. My poor mutant was beaten to a pulp.

The best melee was central to the battle where everyone joined in for a last stand final battle. Despite their best efforts my band of renegades just couldn’t hold off and made a break for it, running for the hills.  Victory to Jamie.




Post battle injuries was not as bad as expected. Jamie’s guy survived without as scratch as did my 2 followers. However my leader wasn’t so lucky having to take a long recovery period (will miss the next 2 games). We dealt the cards for rewards, Jamie reaped all the cash but I had to achieve tasks to get mine. I should have thought about my luck during the game but surely the dice gods would be with me now………oh no they’re not !!!  My mutant managed to die whilst attempting to break into a safe and my raider was shot dead by a Sniper. A devastating loss to my meagre group.

So next game, Jamie goes into the battle with his entire force I have only 2 guys to battle with…………it’s going to be a tough one !!!

if you are interested in finding out more about this game, then go to Worlds End Publishing and download the free trial rules.




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One thought on “This is Not a Test……

  1. Lee says:

    This was certainly a bloody affair, but a most enjoyable game to umpire. This is Not a Test is a very easy game to learn and has a very in depth but simple campaign system. After meeting Joey at Historicon last year he told us of his inspiration for the rules. His passion for this game goes without saying and we wish him all the best with this venture.


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