Warhammer World Trip Part 3

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August 16, 2017 by Lee

For our last day we decided to have a lazy day. This started out with some shopping and of course far too much money was spent on shinny things. Mel bought some bits to expand her Eldar force, Jamie picked up a Ravager for his Dark Elder army and I got a couple of Harlequin characters as well as the usual T shirts, books and of course an audio cd to listen to on the way home (which we forgot to put on).

We also took a sneaky trip out to Warlord Games where Jamie picked up the new Dr Who game and I got the Beyond the Gates of Antares starter set (more on this set in the future as Mel is currently building / painting it for Brush Strokes).

Following this we returned to Warhammer World and went around the exhibition to see the new dioramas that had been changed since our last visit a year ago.



In the evening we had booked the Shrine table which we played on in part 2, this was our final game there as in the morning we were heading home. So we thought that this game should be a bit different after all we had played 2 large 40k games following all the new rules as written. This time however, we thought we would try playing a game of 40k based on the very popular PC game Dawn of War.

So how did we do it ? Bear with us as this is an experiment and something that we will look to develop a bit more in the future. The two armies fighting this battle were the Ultramarines and the Iron Warriors using the index books.

The table was already pre set as it was a feature table, the deployment was table quarters and so we placed 1 objective in our own deployment, 1 objective in each of the no mans land quarter. Finally we placed a relic marker slap bang in the middle of the table.

During the course of the game capturing and holding an objective your deployment zone would give the player 4 power points, capturing and holding the objective in no mans land would give the player 6 power points. These power points would be awarded to the player at the end of their battle round which could used to bring in additional units or reinforce current units at the start of their next battle round.

The Relic in the centre if captured and held would allow the side a special character. This was Belakor for the Iron Warriors and Marnus Calgar for the Ultramarines. If the enemy force contested the relic at the end of the battle round then your character would be removed from the table and theirs would join the battle.

Each side started the game with 25 power points to spend on units and these were as follows –

Jamie :- Ultramarines (24pts)

  • Captain in power armour 5pts
  • 5 Scouts with sniper rifles 6pts
  • 10 Marines kitted out as normal 9pts
  • 1 Rhino 4pts



Lee :- Iron Warriors (25pts)

  • Sorcerer 7pts
  • 10 Marines kitted out as normal 9pts
  • 1 Rhino 4pts
  • 5 Marines 5pts



So, to decide the outcome of the game we were going to use the power level of units destroyed during the game. In addition you would score double points for killing the enemy warlord.

The Battle itself lasted 9 battle rounds each, with many units being reinforced or new units coming on from the edge of our deployment zone or deep striking. The Ultramarines started the game cautiously and advanced to capture their own objective. They took many shots at the Iron Warriors but the resolve of the chaos units saved many of the hits. The Iron Warriors started well and managed to not only capture their own objective, but also 1 of the objectives in no mans land in addition to capturing the Relic.

This immediately gave the Iron Warriors a strong advantage in reinforcement points to spend. The Iron Warriors managed to hold the Relic for the whole game, which made it hard for the Ultramarines to be able to call in Marnus. However, this wasn’t where the hub of the battle was taking place.



The opposite remaining objective in no mans land was where both sides strongly contested the objective and nobody gained much advantage over the other during the game.

The Ultramarines however had one battle round where they not only pressed the attack, but managed to kill the Iron Warriors Warlord in a hail storm of fire from a unit of Legion of the Dammed which sneakly approached from the rear. This brought the Ultramarines back into the game on victory points and meant the last couple of battle rounds were going to be tight.





I would just like to say at this point that for a few rounds I had forgot all about having Belakor on the table and his abilities as I couldn’t see him hidden behind a building across the table.


The game concluded with an Iron Warriors victory as they managed to prevail in the last couple of rounds, but this was not guaranteed as the Ultramarines held on and fought well.

Our thoughts to this approach to playing 40k

Again after retiring to Bugmans Bar for the post game round up we concluded that this type of game has potential with further playtesting of ideas. We did say that the next time we would roll a d3 for the home objective power points and a d6 for each no mans land objective.

We also decided that once the Relic was captured, the holding army could only hold the relic object for a number of their own battle rounds as decided by a roll of d3. Once the Relic has been captured and the number of turns the character has been diced for the holding army must move off the Relic and be more than 12″ away. This will prevent in football / soccer terms goal hanging and make it more of a fight to capture it.      

Conclusion to the trip

We all really enjoyed ourselves as always, lets face it, its Warhammer World what’s not to enjoy!!!! We had put the new 40k rules through its paces and to be fair it seems ok in general, but we have noticed a couple of things that can surmount to being a bit gamey.

So, would we play 8th edition 40k again, you bet we will………..

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