Warhammer World Trip Part 2

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August 12, 2017 by Lee

If you recall from Part 1 of our trip we played a game of 8th edition 40k using Orks vs Ultramarines. This was a very close and bloody game with victory going both ways during the battle.

So, continuing on our trip to Warhammer World and the second game we played………

The second game was the big one, with 230 power points per side. This epic battle was going to be fought over one of the featured tables Shrine World as pictured below


The armies fighting this titanic battle was Mels Space Wolves vs Jamie and my Iron Warriors. Both armies were put together using the current Indexes at the time of gaming. Pictures below of the two armies…..



Again we decided to use the Open War cards and so the deployment for this game was the table divided vertically and we were able to deploy up to the halfway line as long as we were at least 3″ away from any enemy units.

Our objective was to take and hold different objectives around the table. The first objective marker is placed directly in the centre of the battlefield and then each side places one in their deployment zone that is 12″ away from any battlefield edge.

Finally we added a little Twist card into the game using the twist deck. The one we drew was Restoratives. This card allows you to pick a friendly unit at the start of your turn and that unit then regains D3 lost wounds. However this did mean that we weren’t able to bring figures back from the dead if some of their corresponding unit was still alive but what it did mean was that our characters, monsters and vehicles were much more durable throughout the game.

We were all very tentative deploying our units, trying to make good use of the terrain, mindful of the fact that there was some very tall buildings. With both armies deployed Mel had the first turn.





Mel advanced her Space Wolves cautiously to capture the objective in her deployment area, but also Mel had dropped in a drop pod with a unit of Grey Hunters right behind the Iron Warriors rear lines. This was followed up by her deploying her Stormfang Gunship again in our rear area.

In the shooting phase the Iron Warriors sustained a number of casualties, mainly by the gunship. No assaults happened as Mel failed to charge with the unit of Grey Hunters that had dropped in from the drop pod.



The Iron Warriors response to the Space Wolves first turn was not going to be forgiving. Jamie and I advanced to capture the centre and rear objective in our deployment. This was followed on by us deploying units of Obliterators and Mutilators in order to strike against the Space Wolves armour.

In the shooting phase the Iron Warriors unleased a hail storm bombardment from all their heavy weapons, this was backed up by shooting from the marines. The shooting was so relentless that Mel had to make a lot of saving throws in which she saved some but unfortunately lost many.

The assault phase was also good for the Iron Warriors, The Mutilators charging the Space wolf land raider and doing colossal damage, left it as a burning wreck.



For the next few turns the Space Wolves rallied and managed to fight off some units of iron warriors but in the end it was a little too late. Belakor the Exalted daemon went through many units with a devastating swirl and crash from his sword. The iron warriors fought hard to hold on the two objectives with a great deal of fire coming from the Stormfang Gunship.



By the end of turn 4 it was pretty clear that although the Space Wolves fought bravely, they were on this day no match for the might of Chaos.


Exhausted and still smiling we packed our armies up and retired to Bugmans Bar for the post game debriefing with a pint of Bugmans Ale……..

Part 3 of our journey will follow soon…… But before that below is some more shots from the game.

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