Warhammer World Trip Part 1

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August 4, 2017 by Lee

Recently Mel, Jamie and myself took a trip up to Nottingham at the home of Warhammer World, this seems to be becoming an annual pilgrimage.

This year we had decided to that with the release of the new 8th edition 40k rules it would be an ideal opportunity to play some big games on their tables. So, we were planning on doing 3 games and this was merely to make use of their late night opening on Wednesdays and Fridays. So, in June we booked the tables to be sure that we could play and also booked the hotel for our stay.

If you have not been to Warhammer World before then I will describe a brief overview of the centre. First off there is the factory which is very large as you can imagine, fronted by the main office block. To the left of this stands what I think is the design studio and behind that is the car park. Between the main office building and the factory sits Warhammer World.


As you go through the main entrance you are greeted by display cabinets of a variety of models / battles. Going up the ramp to the venue you instantly walk into the main Warhammer / Black Library shop. This is where the staff greet you in a very friendly and professional way. The surprise for us is that they remember us on first name turns from a year ago and this was before we said who we were and if we had a table booked.

Going out of the shop you entre the gaming hall, this has many tables in it as well as the featured tables and the Warhammer Community filming stage. This was great as we have all watched the Twitch feeds of battle reports and so it was great to watch them film it live. The gaming hall is surrounded by castle walls and the actual tables are meant to be in a courtyard with stone floor. Moving through the gaming hall and to the right is where the large Forgeworld shop is. In this shop as you can imagine is displayed I would say 90% of their jaw dropping products.

Gaming tables.JPG

Coming out of the Forgeworld shop and moving right you go through a wooden door and entre the paradise, know as Bugmans Bar. This is what you imagine dwarven ale house to be, and yes you can buy a pint of Bugmans Ale.


Before I forget, back in the Warhammer shop is located the entrance to the exhibition halls. This is where you get to see the history old and new of Citadel miniatures. These are displayed in cabinets and there is many large scale battle dioramas.

So, now down to business, the games. We will only do a brief overview of each game to give you all a flavour of the action, tension and excitement.


Game 1 was Jamies Ultramarines (smurfs) vs my Ork Deathskullz army. This was played to 162 power level points per army. The Ultramarine force as you can imagine was smaller than the Orks but by no means inferior (as I was about to find out).

We decided that for 2 of the games including this one we would use the new Open War Cards. We each drew the cards in turn to select the mission, table setup and twist. The twist card was good as it meant that each of us didn’t need to take morale tests in the game, very handy if your playing Orks.

With the armies deployed Jamie had the first turn as I failed miserably to seize the initiative. Objectives were deployed and we had to hold them and at the start of our turn holding them we had to roll to see if it was the actual objective and not a fake. Jamie advanced cautiously as I held 3 of the objectives and Jamie only 1. Then came the shooting phase and all I will say is that I nearly lost the whole of the flank of my army. I don’t think he missed with anything and as for the land raider crusader I needed buckets to catch the lead. I was so glad that I didn’t have to take morale tests in the game.

ORK1 (2)

Then came my turn and I had to try and salvage a very good turn from Jamie. I started by rolling on the objectives I held and failed with that, so all objectives are still open. I quickly moved forces from my right over to the left flank to support what was left there. The Ork shooting was ok and had done some damage but it was the charging / assault where the Orks came into their own. one of the assaults I done was to charge 3 Killa Kans into a predator, I thought this should be easy for them knock out. How wrong I was, by the end of the game the predator was still on the table and the 3 Killa Kans after charging in each turn failed  to dispatch the vehicle as it was left with only 1 wound left.


By turn 2 Jamie had managed to roll for the objective and that meant everything was going to come in my direction on the left flank. Likewise I had to now move my right flank forces over to the left which was not going to easy. Jamie had yet another turn of good shooting and Melee with Marnus getting to grips dispatching many an Ork. I on the other hand or should I say Ghazghull thought this was not acceptable. He decided to call an almighty Waaaagh and all the Ork forces charged in with whatever they could. Ghazghull seeing an opportunity to charge Marnus took it, Marnus on the other hand decided to spend a command point and fight before I did. Jamies rolled very well hitting and wounding me 5 times, I thought he we go power fist damage is very brutal in the new edition I’m sure to fail his saves. But fear not Ghazghull cried out a loud roar and saved all 5 hits. He followed this up with a devastating flurry of blows against Marnus, Jamie decided to use the invulnerable save and failed. With the damage from Ghazghull Marnus was slain.


While this was going on various Ork units were dealing damage to the crusader which was loitering around the objective. With so many power fist hit and wounds against it the land raider was taken out of action. Well, not just taken out of action, it exploded and took many Orks and a few Marines with it.


This was a very atmospheric end to the game, both sides were completely beaten up and neither of us could hold the objective we decided to call it a draw. We had seen highs and lows throughout the game with the best and worst dice rolls of the game in one combat, Marnus vs Ghazghull.

If you have made it this far, thanks for your patience and I hope you have enjoyed this brief overview of the battle and tour around Warhammer World. Stay tuned with us as game 2 will posted in few days.

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