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August 2, 2017 by Lee

So this project has been a long time in the planning. It all started towards the later part of 2016 when Mel and I bought the rules and some figures which was for Jamie’s Christmas present. Well, instantly I sent the figures off to get painted and this had to be done by Shaun from Little Ninja Painting. Shaun’s previous commissions on these miniature had been first class.

Some of Shauns work done for us

Devcru team


In the meantime I was meant to learn the rules, ready for a game at Christmas. Well Richard and I did run through a playtest of the mechanics but that was as far as it went, as time seemed to run away with us and we didn’t get round to play.

Next along came Salute and seeing that Spectre Miniatures were attending I was hoping to get a demo game in, alas this didn’t happen as their stand wasn’t big enough unfortunately to hold a demo game on with all the goodies that were on display. So in the end Jamie picked up the Devgru pack (pictured painted above with the dog)  and again these were sent off to Shaun at Little Ninja Painting for another commission.

So, last Saturday Firestorm Games in Cardiff was running a demo weekend run by the guys from Spectre Miniatures playing Spectre Operations. So we all thought that this was an excellent opportunity to finally get a demo game in and learn the rules. When we got there the guys were very friendly and couldn’t wait to get us sat down and start rolling some dice. We were introduced to Darren who is a close friend of Spectre miniatures and he laid out some of his terrain and figures for us to play. We sat ourselves in to 2 teams, Tim and I on one side, Jamie and Mel on the other. It just happened that Tim and I were playing the Elite Delta teams first and Jamie and Mel were playing the Militia.

Table setup

Table setup.jpg

The mission briefing was for the delta teams to move in to the town and locate 2 hostages and extract them. Well we thought, we are delta this should be no problem, all the gear and all that. Darren went through the first turn explaining all the concepts as we were going through each part of the turn. This was when I thought, oh god this is more complex than first appears from reading the rules. But this was not the case as by the end of the day we all had a very good understanding of the rules and how it plays out on the table. The one thing Darren did mention at the start which we all forgot was to think outside of the box.

So back to the first game. we each rolled for initiative and I rolled highest, Tim next followed by Mel and then Jamie. Lets just say I learned a very valuable lesion early on as you can easily get tunnel visioned in the game. I ran one of my operators down this road to what I thought was in good cover to stop Mel from shooting him. How wrong I was as I had forgot all about Jamie’s forces who had a good line of sight on me and were in overwatch. Needless to say that the operator was pinned down from a hail of bullets. My next operator advanced behind a car, fired and shot a fair few of Mels troops and putting a lot of suppression on them, only to be shot himself in Mels return fire. This now was a problem, I had one man suppressed and another bleeding out. My team leader was advancing out of line of sight. Tim on the other hand had to forget his plan to attack Jamie’s forces and come to the aid of me. Overall the game went really well and showed that all the best laid plans can go out of the window after the first rounds have been fired. One memory that did stick out was that Mel fired 2 RPG rounds into one of Tims guys, it missed both times but ended up hitting his team leader who was in a doorway covering his troops.

Not surprising that we didn’t find the hostages and we were so badly mauled that we had to pull out….game 1 over……Victory to the Militia (Jamie and Mel).

Game 1


After a spot of lunch Tim and I had a chance to get our revenge, or at least even the score. We swapped sides and again went at it. Darren was now just reminding us of little things we had forgotten and adding in some of the house rules he plays with his group.

Instantly Jamie’s advance found the first hostage, (bugger Tim and I thought). This now was going to be a battle. I again managed to get myself pinned down from Mel’s fire and grenades. Tim on the other hand had to make sure Jamie couldn’t get off the table with the hostage, this meant he advanced and pinned Jamie down with some good shooting. I however had to cower in a compound and try to remove as many of the suppression points I had gained. At this point, you guessed it, Mel lobbed a frag grenade over the wall and it landed smack bang in the middle of my unit. Luckily for me it only killed 2 and suppressed me even more.

With Tims advance through the market square under the smoke grenade that Jamie had thrown to help him get out of the building, an almighty gunfight ensued between the pair of them. This raged on for a few turns and Tims force was completely suppressed and in turn wiped out. However, with all the bullets flying from this gunfight, Tim did manage to kill Mels machine gunner and I managed to cause another of Mels operators to bleed out in front of the compound that I was in. Mel now had to move to stem the bleeding on her operator, which meant I could now move out of the compound and charged in for melee. This didn’t end very well for Mels operators as she was killed, albeit taking one of mine with him. While this was going on, Jamie managed to get the hostage off the table and with one of his operators dead and another left on the table he could quite easily clear the table. I, on the other hand, had a couple of militia left, very badly mauled and decided enough was enough. I ran for the hills. With Tims force gone as well it was game over………..Victory to the Delta Team…….Again Mel and Jamie (although honours even between Mel and myself).

Game 2


Overall this was not going to be a review of the rules but more on how we felt about the game, suffice to say the rules play very well and are the best set of modern skirmish rules I have played. Remember though, think outside of the box.

The weekend was a total success not only for Firestorm hosting the event and Spectre Miniatures running the games, but for all who attended. We all had a great time, talking about our exploits and sharing in the atmosphere of the event. I can’t wait for Firestorm to host another of these and talking to the guys from Spectre, they have already said they plan on returning next year.

Other pictures of the tables



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5 thoughts on “Spectre Operations Event

  1. littleninjapainting says:

    Do you mind if I share this to the spectre Facebook page, sure they would love to see it


  2. Lee says:

    Absolutely no problem, I have sent them a link to their email but please feel free to share it on.


  3. Darren says:

    Nice write up n great to meet you guys. Glad you enjoyed the day 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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