The Legends of Fabled Realms Kickstarter

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July 9, 2017 by Lee

I know its a bit late to put this up as it has already started, but time has got the better of us as we’ve been away and are slowly catching up……..


For a while now 4Ground, who are very good friends of ours have been talking about doing their own game to go along side the range of buildings that they produce. What a great idea having a game system go hand in hand with the terrain you make.

Fabled Realms is the brain child of Cad, Adam and of course Ben (their Dad) who I believe lives in the world of Fabled Realms. Over the past couple of years although it’s been going on longer, the guys have began to put down on paper all their thoughts and experiences of this exciting fantasy world. With that they began to playtest the game, I have to admit I seen the game grow from the early stages to what it has become to start the Kickstarter. I have to admit it is now got the seeds of a long growing game / story where they would like going forward us the community to play a big part of.


The two main factions that was at the start of the kickstarter are the Eightfold Path and the Druggoi Covens, now during the kickstarter we have managed to unlocked The Mordanburg State Guard and The Sell Sword Guild. So that’s 4 factions to start playing the game as well as some incredible deals that they are offering.


The reason for this post is to make you all aware of this kickstarter and seeing this game develop into a skirmish game (and a RPG game in the future). Already there has been 3 live shows from the guys talking about the project and about the world, from the different lands to the races that inhabit them.

The kickstarter is in to its final week now and a lot has been unlocked but the guys insure us to say that more is to come in this final week.

So if you are wanting to pledge they have done the pledges slightly different. You can pledge at the various levels like normal plus and add ons, or you can pledge an amount from £8 upwards and build your own pledge with add ons. This way you can select the things you want instead of a set bundle if that is better for you.

Sample Cards.jpg

So if you haven’t checked it out before then click the links below and this will take you to the kickstarter page, 4Ground website and the 4Ground Facebook page. If you have any questions about the game then they are always happy to answer them. Also below are more pictures of the prototypes of the ministures and some in game action.










If you want to see and gameplay or and faction focus then check out Beasts of War as they are doing a lot of coverage on this project.

We all here wish the guys at 4Ground all the best in this Kickstarter and we hope the grows from here.

Once again it goes without saying that we appreciate you taking the time to visit our page and read our content but if you find this interesting then please click the like and comment. If you would like to see more of what we are doing then have a look around the site at past posts and click to follow us to see more of what we are doing….. See on the next post.


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