Warhammer 40k Dark Imperium Unboxing

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June 20, 2017 by Lee

Dark Imperium Art

Today we will have a brief look at the unboxing of our pre order bundle deal from Games Workshop.

A small little apology from the outset, I didn’t manage to get any close ups of the figure sprues as Jamie was very eager to get started in building them for a test game later in the day. But, I hope that will not disappoint as we hope you enjoy in our excitement opening the box.




Below is the Death Guard spray and paint pot, objectives box, Tactical objectives cards (to be used in games), wound tracker, d10 dice, movement gauge, command point dice and mission cards.




Sample page from the Primaris Codex


Sample page from the Death Guard Codex


Sample pages from the hardback rulebook

Overall – I have to say that we are very impressed with the whole package. The quality is what we have come to expect over the years from Games Workshop and yet again they haven’t disappointed us. The artwork is outstanding although I have seem some of the prints in older codexes over the years, but I’m not bothered by that as they are great. We were very lucky to have already seen this set at Warhammer Fest this year before release and we were blown away by the sheer level of attention that has gone into it.

Dark Imperium is a great way to start playing in the 40k universe, it comes with 2 starter armies of which both forces are completely new models to go along with the new books / rules etc. Dark Imperium can also serve as an extension to existing armies or even the start of collecting a new army for this new edition. Either way I think the selection of units in the box serves all purposes.

The 2 mini codexes only cover the minis that are included in the Dark Imperium box and so expanding on these 2 armies will require the appropriate index book. But all the rules for the units are on their respective datasheet which, if your like me and forget things, is very handy.

The Rulebook is an inspiration in itself. With a brief history of all the armies and background to the new setting of 40k (no spoilers here you will have to read yourself), the book also includes the core rules of which are only a dozen pages. But what makes this new rulebook worth its weight in gold is how to play the game. Long gone is the standard match play style of games, in this edition you can either play –

  • Matched play by where you set a points total for a game and in this new edition a 1500pt game is now 2000pt game. From this total you point cost each model / weapon in your army, this is very similar to what we have been used to over the years.
  • Narrative play by where you set a game to a power level and build forces around that level using the basic points for the unit which is located on the datasheet. (The units power level score includes any upgrades / weapons they are carrying etc. Unlike Matched play there is no need to point up everything). This is a great way to play games around your own story setting forging your own narrative.
  • Open play is where there is no points system and you just put models on the table and play a game. This is probably a good way to get started in playing 40k as you can buy, build and paint what takes your fancy and learn the game before moving on to the other ways to play.

Included in each of these  different ways to play the game are the missions / campaign system, along with detachments for building up your forces.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at the contents, if you have any questions please comment below and we will try to answer them for you. Thanks again for reading this post and if you liked it press the like button and if you want to follow us on our journey in wargaming the feel free to press the follow button where you will be notified of new content. Thanks again

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