Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Launch Night – Warhammer Bath

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June 17, 2017 by Lee

Since the announcement of the 8th edition 40k from Games Workshop it has seemed a rollercoaster ride of hype and excitement, something that I’ve not seen in the community of 40k and Games Workshop for a very long time.

So after following all the news releases from the Warhammer Community pages and watching the Warhammer TV on Twitch never has their been so much press release from Games Workshop on the scale of this. The past two weeks since pre ordering the new rules / starter set (a brief unboxing will follow soon) has flown by in a blur.

And so we find ourselves on the eve of the launch in the Bath store where Robin has stayed open on Friday evening allowing us to game out the old edition and welcome in the new. (Many thanks goes to Robin for his dedication and hard workmanship that he puts in for his local community). There was a fair few people in the store and with people fliting in and out throughout the evening. All you could hear was people laughing, telling jokes, cheering when either a dice roll was good or bad. Not a cross word was heard and the true spirit of our wonderful hobby was on display for all.


We had taken a few figures with us for a knock about to say goodbye to the old and bring in the new (it felt like a New Years Eve Party, without anyone singing auld lang syne!thank god). Jamie and I had a very close game trying out the new 8th edition with only 1 wound in it, the game went down to Jamie with a dreadnought with 7 wounds out of the 8 and my Captain on his last wound. Well the dice gods left me and the Captain fell in glorious last stand. Jamies second game was also a very close game fighting the forces of Chaos, again this went down to the wire with Chaos prevailing this time.

There was lots of opportunity to build / paint and play all manners of Games Workshops games. Being a smallish store Robin had done us all proud by making sure we all got the chance to get involved and do what we wanted. Some people were talking battle tactics, army builds or simply the background story and how the new edition will unfold.

Then at 23:45 we were all asked to leave the store as Robin wanted to restock his shelves with the launch of 8th Edition products. Robin and his assistant were frantically rushing around stocking the shelves with product and at the same time putting all the pre orders for us out in boxes on the tables for us to collect. Then at the stroke of midnight the door opened and we all went in like a rugby scrum but in a friendly manner to collect our orders.

And so this brings me to the end of this post again I would like to thank Robin and our local Bath Warhammer store for this opportunity, I think it was a great thing to do. Also if you have enjoyed this post please feel free to press the Like button, Comment and by all means follow us through our journey in the hobby.

Dark Imperium Unboxing to follow……………

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